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5 tips to create a Contemporary Style Living Room


Decorative accessories play a key role in pulling your contemporary look together. Place emphasis on pillows and wall art that match your design style. For accent accessories, opt for clean lines and avoid creating lots of clutter. 642 more words

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Good Ol' Wood

Wood flooring is classic, beautiful, and timeless. It is, by far, my favorite type of floor covering. I love the characteristics of wood flooring and I love it’s history in American architecture. 1,310 more words

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring Can Give Your Interiors A Refreshing Makeover

Nowadays, home owners and buyers get perplexed about selecting the right flooring materials owing to the abundance of choice. It is not fair to say, wooden floor looks better than marble floors or vice versa. 217 more words

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The one stop destination for flooring work in your home sweet home!

Having a beautiful house is everyone’s dream and you must work hard to make this dream come true. There are different aspects that are to be taken care of while making a house, for example the ceiling, walls and flooring. 475 more words

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What do organized crime, Siberian Tigers and reasonably priced hardwood floors have in common?

We’re in the process of buying our second house. (Yay!) But it needs some work. (Meh.) And we have a strict budget. (Boo.) After we scoured our local big box home improvement stores for hardwood and laminate flooring samples, we decided to check out Lumber Liquidators (Or “LUMBER LIQUIDATOR$, as the sign reads.) Since the name actually has a dollar sign in it, we assumed that is where all the great flooring deals were hiding. 732 more words

Liquidating the Forests

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Hardwood Flooring, Organized Crime, and the World’s Last Siberian Tigers

EIA’s new investigative report details the extent and nature of illegal logging in the Russian Far East (RFE) and tracks illegally harvested valuable hardwoods across the border into China, through factories and warehouses, to its ultimate destination in showrooms around the world. 323 more words


Before you buy: Tips on choosing hardwood flooring

Durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean, it’s no wonder hardwood flooring is so popular, but choosing the right wood for your home is a lot more complicated than simply picking one you like and slapping it down. 548 more words