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Who said summer was over?

My son celebrated his 9th birthday on Saturday. When Sunday arrived I needed an easy-going day to recover from a house full of boys the day before so, I decided to go with a barbecue. 392 more words

School Lunch

Tomato Anchovy Haricots Verts with Garlic

Going bold with a side dish is what you want to do when your main dish is subtle. When David made the Summer Squash pasta for me it was full of flavor, the kind of creamy richness that goes really well with the “dark green” flavor of haricots verts (French green beans). 368 more words


Gazpacho: The Summery Gift that Keeps on Giving

I had a deep craving for gazpacho last week. After reverting to a (somewhat pseudo) healthy food regimen after my artery-clogging New Orleans extravaganza, I was jonesing for the refreshing, vegetal, flavors of this summertime soup. 102 more words

Pickle In The Kitchen

Grilled Beef Filet with Charred Romesco Sauce, Corn Purree and Haricots Verts

After those two delicious starters I am not sure how I will fair with this main dish. The aroma of the charred Romesco sauce seemed to get my appetite going again, so I will try my best! 108 more words



Just as with everything else, there are trends and fashions at the farmers market. Year before last it was cardoons. Last year it was kohlrabis. Now those are old hat. 544 more words