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Riyadh nips Hezbollah-Future Movement dialogue in the bud


Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Future Movement leader Saad Hariri visit the tomb of his father, the late Rafik Hariri. Al-Akhbar/Archive

Published Friday, November 21, 2014… 986 more words

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The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: redux of an outdated weapon

The STL reviews a remake of the crime scene in the Hague. Al-Akhbar/Archive

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Monday, November 17, 2014

As usual, there are no expectations of any change in the thinking or behavior of the March 14 forces. 951 more words

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Terrorist Mikati Confesses of Scheme to Create ‘Emirate’ in North District

Local Editor

A dangerous terrorist veteran confessed he had been plotting to occupy towns in the northern district of Dinniyeh as part of a broader scheme to connect Syria’s Qalamun to the Lebanese coast. 275 more words


Terrorist Mikati Coordinated with MPs to Launch Major Attack against Leb. Army

Local Editor

Security sources revealed that the terrorist Ahmad Mikati who was arrested by the Lebanese Army on Thursday used to coordinate with one of the North’s MPs and plotted for launching a major attack against the Lebanese army. 232 more words

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Sources to Al-Akhbar: Not enough evidence found in al-Hassan case to implicate Hezbollah

Wissam al-Hassan, the former head of the ISF’s Information Branch, was killed in a massive car-bomb explosion in Beirut’s Achrafieh neighborhood on October 19, 2012. (Photo: Marwan Bou Haidar) 900 more words


“The Roads of Damascus”: How the Elysee manipulated chemical weapons reports

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Paris. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images-Louai Beshara)

By: Sabah Ayoub

Published Monday, October 13, 2014… 1,309 more words

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 The howling of the wolf Erdogan .. and the knight's horses silence ... By Naram Sargon عواء الذئب أردوغان .. وصمت خيول الفرسان...بقلم نارام سرجون


عواء الذئب أردوغان .. وصمت خيول الفرسان…بقلم نارام سرجون

 عندما تواجه عدوك فمن غير المعقول ان تحذره من الفخاخ التي تعترض طريقه ولايبدو حصيفا ان تنذره وتنبهه من الحفر والمهاوي التي سيلقى فيها حتفه

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