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The "extraordinary reasons” behind Saad Hariri’s surprising and brief return to Beirut

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Monday, August 25, 2014

During his brief stay in Lebanon, Hariri informed concerned officials that he has “abandoned” the mission of trying to topple the Syrian regime, and that he is now ready for a settlement which would pave the way for the election of a new president in Lebanon, who would guarantee in withdrawing the topic of disarming the Resistance from the discussion, and allows the Future Movement to manage the political and economic affairs of the country. 2,301 more words

War On Syria

The Middle East, a region in turmoil this summer!

News coming from the Middle East nowadays are very disturbing mostly killing, kidnapping, occupation, floods and bombing. And good news, if there is any, are eclipsed in midst of this perfect storm sweeping the region. 383 more words

نارام سرجون: في مقابر الكلام.. الانتحار اللغوي يبدأ من مطار دمشق

 “لن يعود إلى بيروت إلا من مطار دمشق”.. وخلع جاكيته كما يخلع الأعراب عقالاتهم عند الغضب وطلب الثأر وعندما يعدون بالانتقام

وكالة أوقات الشام الإخبارية

War On Syria

Signs of victory ..Not settlement indicators

وكالة أوقات الشام الإخبارية

 سمير الفزاع

سأقدم هنا لمحة سريعة لعدد من أهم المحطات التي جرت في الأسابيع القليلة الماضية ، وبأقل التفاصيل ؛ لنسترجع المشهد الكلي :

War On Syria

Lebanese state abandons security personnel kidnapped in Ersal

Lebanese army troops take position on the road leading the northeastern Lebanese town of Arsal in the eastern Bekaa Valley on August 7, 2014, after a truce was announced to end fighting between jihadists and Lebanese government forces on the Syrian border. 1,341 more words

War On Syria