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Introducing the Dude Bus Riders

Saint Patrick’s School Bus Route 1.  (six riders)


The seat assignments resemble in many ways that of an intergalactic star-fighter.

Rose or Rosie at 3 years is the youngest rider on Route 1.   518 more words


Bessie Stringfield

I have some tweaking to do, but I am really into these colors.

Who wants normal?

So my better half is up in Denver today, and I’m left to my own devices.  This is rarely a good thing.  Actually I had no crazy plans today, I just needed to run a few errands.   325 more words

Kalau di daerah enakan moge tetap plat Jakarta kali ya..

Kalau itung-itungan konsumen yah beda lagh dengan pemerintah, kalau beli moge di daerah sih pinginnya pake plat Jakarta ya, kalau mau jual kembalikan gampang, harga nggak turun banget, lha wong di Jakarta pasarnya luas he he he. 36 more words


Why Pay Day Takes So Long to Come. Zeno’s Paradox. My 41 Year Old BMW Hits the Road.

There’s a philosophical reason why payday always seems so incredibly far away. To disrespectfully borrow from the Greek philosopher Zeno it would go something like this. 893 more words

Great Sand Dunes

Have you been to Great Sand Dunes National Monument and Reserve? No? You need to go. It’s a real wonder of the world.

In the middle of Colorado, next to the Sangre de Cristo mountains, there is a truly amazing ecosystem alive and thriving. 213 more words