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6 yaşında Harley Davidson kullanan çocuk İZLE

Bababsıyla beraber boş bir yolda motosiklet yolculuğuna çıkan çocuk, Harley Davidson’ı tek başına sürdü. Arkasında oturan babası, tüm kontrolü oğluna verince, cep telefonuyla o anları kaydetti.İşte 6 yaşındaki çocuğun macera dolu… 19 more words

My first of many changes to a new life.

I did it, I finally decided to put my motorcycle up for sale.  I absolutely LOVE my bike and I will probably cry when it’s sold, yes I’m serious, I will cry like a baby.  129 more words

Jibber Jabber

Viral Video: Six-Year-Old Riding Harley

A guy took his six-year-old on a motorcycle ride… And let him STEER??!!

Jacob Hughes posted this video on YouTube where’s he’s riding a motorcycle with his six-year-old son. 35 more words


Wonder Weds: Harley is on the road again!

What a delightful surprise, I came home to find that DH had fixed up “Harley” my ebike. He needed a little attention and minor repairs. I don’t drive anymore so it’s wonderful to be able to get around on my own. 175 more words

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6 year Old Rides A Harley [Video]

Check out this 6 year old riding his dads Harley in and open road!!!

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Even the Dog

It is April, and we all know what that means – helmet month! As the weather is warming up, and you are getting ready to hit the road – be sure to check and make sure your helmet is functioning properly. 25 more words

Motorcycle Book Review: Stealing Speed

Part spy novel with technology stolen from behind the iron curtain and people escaping socialism/communism in cars with false bottoms. Part technology story of how Nazi rocket technology helped create the two stroke engine domination. 463 more words