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Is the Open Source Movement Driving Innovation or Hurting it?

The world of commercial technology is ruled by copyright laws, licensing agreements and the legal rights of patent holders. This is a global marketplace dominated by the idea that if you want access to a piece of technology, you are going to have to pay whoever owns the rights to it. 1,441 more words

To Hands Who Hurt

Arms length doesn’t mean you get to

break my bones to get closer to me.

Have you ever felt your neck

pop as your head hits the floor? 75 more words



Ungabulali. Lokhu kusho ukuthini na? Kuthi: Asomesaba, simthande uNkulunkulu, ukuba singalimazi, singoni umzimba womunye umuntu; kodwa simsize, simmele ezinhluphekweni zonke zomzimba.


The Miracle of God's Love Part2

There are so many times in our lives that we look at things and think,”This is bad.” We allow our minds to wondering and we create the absolute worst picture ever! 117 more words

"What's The Harm"?

“What’s the Harm”? It’s another question that often comes up from supporters of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Is it not the case that most people attending alternative practitioners can expect to happily live long, chaotic and unexpected lives just as much as the next person? 826 more words


How To Conquer A Home Flooding: What To Know About Dealing With Flood Harm

A single of the most tough elements of home ownership is usually dealing with the surprises, or unforeseen issues that almost each and every house proprietor has to encounter at one particular stage or yet another. 14 more words

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The Harm Drug Abuse Can Bring and the Role of Drug Rehab in Missouri

Annually, the bad effects of tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse account for over $600 billion in lost property and personal injury. Much of the losses are felt by states with high overdose mortality rate, such as Missouri, which recently ranked seventh in having the highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country. 51 more words