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A Study on Spite in the infinitive

Really clever of you
To send your minions
To spy on me
To look down upon me
To retaliate

Quite clever of you
To plot against me… 94 more words

Domestic violence could affect baby in womb

Researchers have found that domestic violence could affect children even before they are born.

Children born to abused pregnant women could show emotional and behavioural trauma symptoms within the first year of their lives. 153 more words

Ten days before Christmas and...

Three teenagers

involved in manslaughter

Hostage reports

Sexual abuse

People whining

about what they don’t have

mocking people behind their backs

taking a bunch of selfies… 37 more words



By Craig Eddy

We’ve all gone through it at one time or another in our lives. That exposure of the guilt we feel for having done something wrong. 643 more words


Observations: An Introduction

In my experience and observations, when people are confronted with a choice, with change, they are more likely to take the ‘easy’ option. They would rather have things stay the same than deal with the difficulties choosing change could incur. 739 more words


Elastic Band

I don’t want to cut.
But I need that release.
The elastic band helps.
Pulling it back and flicking it on my wrist.
The pain is there that makes me forget. 18 more words

December 2014