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How a boa constrictor ruined my Saturday

The harsh realities of pregnancy got the best of me yesterday. I have been out in California for the past few days for work, which has been going very well so far. 469 more words



Self-harm is a tough addiction to break. I have been struggling for awhile now and it has not gotten easier.

Mercy Ministries, a 6 month free residential program, has been weighing on my heart and I desperately want to talk with someone who has been through it before. 69 more words


This words were spoken by Hippocrates who is most famously know for the Hippocratic oath taken by most health professionals.  In this quote Hippocrates asks two simple things to help or at least to do no harm.  69 more words

A force for equality and mutual respect.

I am an atheist.
This means I do not believe there is a God. I am, however, a spiritual person. I believe in a power greater than myself, I believe in Karma of sorts and although I have listed myself as an atheist my “faith” does have a name. 1,178 more words

This Place Called Earth

The jungles are burning and Mickey D’s is running

From the napalm kiss of western culture,

The clown’s footprints filled with gasoline and blood

As he pants and leaps over the corpses of children. 74 more words


Extreme Exercise: When Endurance Training Does More Harm than Good | TIME.com

Getting at least some moderate exercise is good for us, and more is even better, doctors and public health experts say. But is there such a thing as too much exercise? 26 more words


It twists deep, jagged-slick in my stomach.
And I am all well;
Pitch pit sunk with pennies,
Chinking in a gap that swallows armour whole. 55 more words