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Sending an innocent man to prison is the right thing to do

Let me set this up by stating that, traditionally, atheists have acknowledged that God is a necessary condition of objective moral values (i.e. the sort of moral truths that are… 842 more words


Stray Dog

To be told to leave, to just go. To hear the words you are not welcome here. You have to leave. Words are sometimes worse than physical damage. 33 more words

My Writing

Safe House

You’re rearranging ribs,
Adjusting arteries
And moving lungs to
Make room.
You’ve taken a shovel
To my skin,
Burrowed your way in
And are now nestled… 21 more words


Arrows From Your Lips

It doesn’t take a fighter to kill
the words you speak could do.

Blood in the wine-glass,
arrows from your lips,
you kill and kill and kill. 81 more words


Legal battle over Ontario wind turbine farm may redefine ‘harm’

Sean Fine — Globe and Mail — November 21, 2014

The right to be free from chronic annoyance is at the heart of a legal challenge that could shake Ontario’s multibillion wind-energy business, and limit other industrial development in rural areas.

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Can celebrities make a different in the world of development?


Aid campaigns in the 21st century more often than not have a notable celebrity attached to the project, there are many types of celebrity campaigners one type is an ‘aid celebrity’ like Paul Farmer, Jeffrey Sachs and Bono. 931 more words

Ganja Gordon vs. Cannabis Charlie: Does the person smoking the weed matter?

Josh Gordon, star NFL wide-receiver for the Cleveland Browns likes to smoke some weed, just like my good friend Charlie. No difference right? WRONG. Josh Gordon was suspended initially for the entire 2014 season for testing positive for marijuana. 1,367 more words