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Exclusive! Explosive Report!

Breaking News! Exclusive! Hot off The Press! Get it Here First! Stay Tuned! The Latest Reports! News Flash! Reported Here First! Updates Coming! Reports Up-To-The-Minute! Urgent exposé. 1,135 more words

Atheism is a religion

I hear that a lot — that atheism is a religion — from people who are not atheists. And, of course, we atheists have our… 1,008 more words


Why scientist-activists are always wrong (Part 1)

Source: Capital Research Center, Dr. Steven J. Allen, September 16, 2014,

Research Topics: The collapse of Global Warming theory puts a harsh spotlight on the involvement of scientist-activists in efforts to deceive opinion leaders and policy-makers. 897 more words


Who Has Sued or is Suing Kaiser?

Have you spent countless hours scouring the internet and news sources trying to find out who has sued or is suing Kaiser? Although this is one means of obtaining this information there is an easier and far more reliable way to source this information. 159 more words


Kaiser Pediatric Nurse Molests & Urinates on Premature Infant in His Care

The fact that the victim of this disgusting piece of human filth was a prematurely born infant in his care as a foster child makes this story horrifying enough, but the fact that this nurse was also employed by Kaiser as a pediatric nurse and had access to many other children too young to speak makes it even more horrific! 328 more words


"There Was No Harm in Taking Aim..."

“There was no harm in taking aim, even if the target was a dream.”

John Knowles