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My Harmonie with Yoshiura Yasuhiro

Anime Mirai, or the Young Animator Training Project, is a project by the Japanese government to help train young animators of the country. Each year, they fund four short films of normal TV episode length that will be animated by young animators.  1,003 more words

Anime Mirai 2014

Stacie Collins Blows into Bonn

‘Live music doesn’t get more alive than this!’ is how the MC for Stacie Collins’ live CD introduces the girl from Nashville at a show in Kendal, UK. 798 more words

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Tiap orang ‘miliki dunia kecilnya sendiri. Di antara bejibunnya 34 siswa kelas 2-1, pastinya ada banyak dunia tersebut. Dunia Honjou Akio -duniaku- penuh dengan omongan asyik soal anime semalam dengan Yoshida, Watanabe, dan teman-teman lain. 45 more words


Keharmonian [ED Anime Mirai 2014 Harmonie]

Kedua tangan mungilmu ntuh

chiisana sono ryotede dorehodo

Telah menanggung beban yang berat

kakaete aruita no ka

Tuk sekian lamanya, tahuku

bokuwa shiteirunda

Kamu tersenyum padaku saat itu, deh. 68 more words


Hipster Recommendations Week 10: Harmonie.

Naturally, I’m a few many weeks off and this should be Week 25 probably. Whatever.

So the Mirai Animator Project (2014) is a thing again, and this years strongest contender is the 25 minute “movie” that I’m going to be talking about: Harmonie, effectively done by Studio Rikka. 187 more words


Lauter Leben with Blümchenknicker

The empty stage at the Harmonie is suddenly filled with “Blümchenknicker“. Who or what, you might well ask, is actually Blümchenknicker?

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