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Harmonix Toys With All Our Emotions

Last week was a pretty busy week for Harmonix Studios. The design team best known for their development of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises launched three new tracks for Rock Band 3 last week, nearly two years since their last DLC update. 433 more words

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Tidbits: H1Z1 Sets A Remarkable Precedent, Untangling Evolve's DLC, Rock Band Sequel Possible

These three recent news stories all have a common theme; they’re all mind-blowing, though for different reasons and in completely different ways. Seriously though; reading about some of this stuff is what it feels like to completely batshit insane. 1,617 more words


DJ MacCoy Headcanons

• His grandmother believes her family’s descendants of the Romanov family. Badgers MacCoy whenever he messes up because he’s descended from royalty.

• Mo refers to him as ‘kid’ and ‘Coy’. 77 more words

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Welcome to the Studio!

Welcome to the Hi-Def Dance Studio! You’ve come upon a fanblog for a series I adore, one that pulled me through the darkest time in my life. 113 more words

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Rock Band Reunion

Three days ago, Harmonix sent out a simple tweet:

You should totally fill out this Rock Band survey. It's important. Please RT! https://t.co/h7AAs0IxHW

— Harmonix (@Harmonix) …

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NAMM 2015 - 4,465th New Pedal of 2015 from EHX.....

The brand new EHX Super Pulsar expands upon the classic Pulsar tremolo pedals and is packed with features that can make any tremolo effect possible. 254 more words


Harmonix Wants To Know If You Want A New Rock Band Game And Wii U Is Listed In Their Plans

Rockband was pretty damn huge back in the day and now the developer Harmonix wants to know if you want a current gen sequel. The company has put out a… 57 more words

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