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Six simple steps to increase productivity and harmonize your space

Organize and eliminate clutter. Bring peace to your office. Professionals of all stripes struggle at times to complete tasks efficiently, without undue strain on mental or physical health. 135 more words

Seed To Sprout


Today I scattered my dry seeds

All over my little garden

The soil is moist

It breathes with love of gemination

Sending sparks of rebirth into the natural world… 105 more words

Six Word Story


Spring comes, calling-

In its sunny, amber haze!

My weak heart is trembling-

To see the hills ablaze!


The songs, they’re singing there;

Are shiny, gold and bright. 85 more words



Knowing, rediscovering and connecting with the energy that lives inside the human body – and inside everything that exists – is the key to unblocking and harmonizing the body’s energy, which according to alternative therapies experts keeps us healthy.

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