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Kids (1995)

Temperature: Hot

This movie was ground-breaking when it came out, why well it reveals the modern life of teenagers, it presented the world of sexuality, alcohol and drugs teens have access to and most parents weren’t aware of it. 864 more words



If ever there was a meeting of the minds meant to happen, it was Harmony Korine and Die Fokken Antwoord. Korine’s films are known for their bold use of music (the… 185 more words


Gummo - Review

Harmony Korine. You either love him, or you absolutely hate him, and let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to not enjoy a lot of his work unless you have a really strange taste in movies. 640 more words

Spring Breakers (2013)

Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers was one of the most talked about, yet most misunderstood films of 2013. A horror story of the somewhat distorted values and warped perception of spirituality of Britney Spears generation sure to terrify any parent – cashed up, video game fed, oversexed, engaged in religion in a somewhat contradictory way; upon release, those expecting a toilet humor, consequence-free, brainless party movie a’la Project X were surprised to find a film that is much more commentary than debauchery. 473 more words


Newest Harmony Korine Film 'The Trap' Doing Some Serious Casting

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Harmony Korine, writer of the controversial 1995 film KIDS and writer/director of the more recent polarizing Spring Breakers, has chosen his next project. 263 more words


Kids (1995)

Directed by Larry Clark from a screenplay by Harmony Korine, Kids is one of the most honest motion pictures to ever cover the teenage psyche. The mire of teenage life has often been touched on by the various arts to varying effect, but this 1995 film unflinchingly navigates the terrain and doesn’t turn its face away when things turn ugly. 726 more words


Benicio Del Toro y Jamie Foxx en película de Harmony Korine 'The Trap'

El director de la taquillera cinta, “Spring Breakers”, Harmony Korine está próximo a comenzar a grabar su próxima película “The Trap.”

Y según reportes ya tiene a dos importantes actores en su elenco, Benicio del Toro y Jamie Foxx, ambos han sido reconocidos con premios de la Academia, por “Traffic” y “Ray”, respectivamente. 199 more words