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947. Today! -The Beach Boys


Brief Background: Today! was recorded in early 1965 and released in March of the same year. The album came on the heels of two extremely successful years for the Beach Boys in which they released six(!) full length albums. 366 more words

Building a New Human Economy

In world with 7 billion people and limited resources, if we demand to “own” one or more of everything we need, if we do not source any of the ingredients of our lives from our local community and if we do not spend time figuring out how to make our impact on the earth less destructive, not only will some people suffer and go without, but our planetary assets will be diminished significantly. 875 more words

Human Condition

Role Call

I’ve been reading a number of blogs about setting boundaries; about establishing roles; creating protocols. It dawned on me that I haven’t done this. I don’t know where I stand. 329 more words

Residual Issues

Cherry Blossom Sky

Variegated pinks-
Softest heaven-
A view lined in love-
A cherry blossom sky,
Delicate entrance
To another world
Where everyone



Johnnyrandom – Bespoken

Wow! I don’t have any words to explain how amazing it can be. The way that these sounds, which was generated from bicycles and their components, have been used to create harmony is fantastic.



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April 21st

Are we there yet? How is your indwelling Spirit today? 344 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Just like Music

Music is the one activity that brings soliciity to ones mind, body and emotions. Of all the things in this world, it illuminates every section of the brain and allows for individuals to completely rid of stress, anger and frustration. 69 more words