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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: Day 7

Day 7, Give me to drink (John 4:7-15)


  • Numbers 20:1-11, The Israelites at Meribah
  • Psalm 119:10-20. I will not forget your word
  • Romans 15.2-7, May God … grant you to live in harmony with one another…
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Seasonal Thoughts

Beauty and Peace In The Woods

My hikes through the woods are definitely part of what make my life Harmonious.

I really make an effort to quiet my mind and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me while I’m enjoying this fantastic place I get to call home. 21 more words


Dale Chihuly an exhibit to remember

I was trying to come up with a topic to write about this week, when I remembered the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens. 336 more words



The other day as I was going about doing my work, I had the opportunity to attempt to contact a business associate. I sent two emails and after no response I called him and left a voicemail message. 314 more words

Daily IN-spiration


What if I told you,
This is all a lie,
That I am someone entirely different,
That I am not a man from here,
That I am from another world, 65 more words


Week 17- I am here

This has been one of the most interesting weeks I have experienced on theis beautiful journey.

For starters I must take responsibility for slacking on the daily drills and audibles more than I ever have. 320 more words

Week 17. It All Goes Back To Thought

Before you can envision anything, thought must precede it, being thought the “cause.” Use or action will bring the effect, desired or not. A lot of people complain about their situation, never understanding their situation is exactly right where it should be based on their thoughts (the cause) and action or inaction taken, which brought them here (their situation, or effect). 305 more words