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Find your passion and live it.

I will never get tired of reading. I will never get sick of the scent of paper populated with alphabets, words, sentences and, sometimes, pictures. I will never get fed up of turning pages, of sacrificing a vast amount of sleep time reading books, of awkwardly balancing a hardbound with my right arm while lying on bed. 388 more words

Harper Lee from A to Z: P is for PURPLE

Well, once again my blogging assistant/human mommy was stumped when we got to the letter P. Paw? No, too obvious, and you already saw… 347 more words

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Harper Lee from A to Z: O is for OBEDIENT

I am a very obedient girl. I ought to be. I’ve been attending training classes since I was six months old . . . that’s more than four and a half years of school. 237 more words

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#100happydays Day 58

April 15th

We went on a bit of a road trip today. An appointment with the orthodontist meant we had to make a trip to Sligo. 202 more words

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Harper Lee from A to Z: N is for NANNERS

Is there anything more absolutely fabulous than nanners? I think not.

My human mommy and I have made lots and lots of doggy treats that contain nanners. 117 more words

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Harper Lee from A to Z: M is for MOMMY

This is my human mommy. She’s my behind-the-scenes blogging assistant. She’s only made an appearance on my blog once before, when we participated in the  219 more words

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Harper Lee from A to Z: L is for LEAVE IT!

Of all the obedience commands, I think “Leave it!” is my absolute favorite. I am super good at “Leave it!” Perhaps that’s because I hear “Leave it!” so often. 159 more words

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