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Stephen Harper and the myth of the crooked Indian

Can you think of any Prime Minister, President or World Leader that would withhold food, water, or health care as a bullying tactic to force their citizens into compliance with a new government law, policy or scheme? 1,819 more words


Canada supports repressive regime in Ukraine

As the Canadian government plays at fighting wars in Iraq/Syria and in eastern Europe, we see daily examples of how militarism ultimately degrades, disrupts and destroys democracy. 722 more words


Community's Brady Novak is Canada's John Baird.

Community’s Brady Novak is Canada’s John Baird.

We need you Brady Novak. The political satire is so ripe for the plundering up here. I am not convinced people are satisfied by CBC’s This hour has 22 Minutes. 127 more words


#NWDHotlist: Harper (@HarperSounds) - "The Velvet EP" #TheVelvetEP

Showcasing at Basheba’s EP Launch last month, Harper is the next fresh talent on our #NWDHotlist. 229 more words


Stephen Harper prepares to meet Vladimir Putin...

” ‘Get out of UKRAINE!’…no, that’s not it…

GET out of Ukraine’…no…

‘Get OUT of Ukraine’ 

-ohhh, that’s the one! Now where is that Putin?” 


Reason Behind the Trends #1

This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of posts that explain or hypothesize why certain names came into existence or exploded in popularity.   342 more words


Series Wrap-Up -- The Eve Trilogy by Anna Carey

The trilogy (click a title to be directed to my review):

#1 Eve (my favorite of the three)
#2 Once (second favorite of the three) 1,020 more words

Anna Carey