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Oh Canada: On Recent Events

Hey guys. So there’s been some pretty shady shit going on lately. I feel like this week had some seriously crazy news. From the winnipeg storage locker to the shooting in Ottawa on Wednesday it’s been sort of crazy.   459 more words

Dear Terrorists: "Canada will never be Intimidated."

Dear Terrorists:

You have sought to wreak havoc and chaos by striking at the very heart of a peaceful and beloved nation.  You have tried to sew fear and paranoia by corrupting two of our own, and turning them into instruments of your Evil.   122 more words

Morphing Tragedy into Terror: the Harper Agenda

Canada won’t be cowed by terrorism, or by a draconian response to its threat

The Ottawa shooting requires a measured reaction. We won’t let this society be divided into ‘us and them’ 261 more words

Will Ottawa attack lead to a sane conversation about terrorism?

The sight of our Parliament buildings under attack is a horrifying one. Sadly, it’s likely to rally support for the Harper government’s decision to send warplanes to attack Islamic State in Iraq. 983 more words


Ottawa paralyzed by ‘lone wolf’ shooter; Harper declares ‘Canada will not be intimidated’

A gunman turned the nation’s capital into an armed camp Wednesday after he fatally shot an honour guard at “point blank” range at the National War Memorial before setting his sights on Parliament Hill. 606 more words


Harper named world's 'Worst Climate Villain' after damning report

Canada does well at many things. Earlier this year, Canadian cities were listed among the world’s top places to live. The country ranks high with the… 384 more words


Your vote: It's what the Harper Conservatives fear the most

Less than a year from now, on October 19, 2015, Canadians will vote, or not, in the next federal election. If the next election is like four of the last five contests, about 40 per cent of Canadians… 797 more words