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Bird of Paradise! (Probs not having the best of times hanging out on a sole rock.)


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...Barking Dogs, Coiling Serpents

The first time I heard the phrase,  ” a serpent in the bosom”, my imagination hissed and spit savagely at me. A curling , black, nagini, coiled around the heart reared its flashing fangs at my petrified self. 789 more words

Let's kick start Bragtoberfest...Raiders of the lost Atheon

As i’m sure many of you are aware Izlain & J3w3l have been thinking of ways that we; gamers, can celebrate our hobby in a way that is positive and sociable…it is in this vision that ‘Bragtoberfest’ was created. 866 more words


Tuesday Sketch Sept 30 2014, I don't know what I'm doing

So, I bought some gouache from work and was super excited to work with it. I’ve seen amazing works done with it and I love how it can act like watercolour, oil and acrylic all at once. 418 more words