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Flashback Friday: "Sequel" by Harry Chapin

I got some positive response for playing Harry Chapin’s “Taxi” last week. Then I was reminded that there was a sequel to the story in “Taxi” in a song simply called, “Sequel.” 23 more words

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Flashback Friday: "Taxi" by Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin might be best known for “Cat’s In The Cradle,” but “Taxi” is in my IPod playlist. It tells a hell of a story that most of us can relate to. 6 more words

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A Strange Day at the Office

You just never know what (or who) will walk in to your office, and what they will be wrestling with.  In recent days, a young man who was raised as a Christian, but has always felt connected to Judaism.   477 more words

The technical writer as storyteller

It’s a song about a fatal highway wreck. So why did concert audiences love “30 Thousand Pounds of Bananas“? Because Harry Chapin was such a good storyteller. 225 more words

Technical Communication

Are you ready to feel it now?

Two weeks running.
Every day. Every day.
The commute in. The ride home.
It opens the day.  It closes the doors.
Same tune. One tune. 149 more words