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Commentary on writing romance.

I wont lie, I have no idea how to write romance. This probably won’t be very helpful, but we all have to start from somewhere (the same advice I give myself at the gym by the way.) Anyway, the topic tonight is romance, and because I do not profess to know anything on the topic, all I can tell you is what not to do. 688 more words


Why You Should Consider Reading The Dresden Files

Are you a(n): Adrenaline junkie? Pyromaniac? Urban fantasy lover? If so, this series is for you.

Written by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files is a series set in modern Chicago, about a wizard private investigator named Harry Dresden. 573 more words


Review: Storm Front (Dresden Files #1)

Rating: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Date read: August 25 to 28, 2014
Read Count: once all the way through; first chapter too many times… 1,118 more words

From Cover To Cover

Book Review: Storm Front

I seem to be on a bit of a SFF binge recently, which isn’t a bad thing I guess… This week, I’m tackling the first installment in one the biggest Urban Fantasy series around at the moment- The Dresden Files. 452 more words

Book Reviews

Hear My Plea, and Book 19: Skin Game

I have a problem.

Recently, I have noticed that no fantasy novel or series involving magic can be published without being constantly compared to Harry Potter. 3,018 more words

We now return to your regularly scheduled program, for a day

I finally got a writing day today. I earned it by staying up late last night doing my critiques for tomorrow’s meeting.

I wasn’t overly productive and started my day washing the copper fountain pen I use at the paycheck job. 512 more words


Some thoughts re: Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Giving this book another try because I’ve been on an urban fantasy kick these past few weeks and would like to actually finish it. I hate leaving books I own unread, and people always tell me I’m missing out by not giving this series a chance, so now that’s what I’m gonna do. 151 more words

From Cover To Cover