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Changes is my favorite Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher.  If you don’t know about Harry Dresden, you should.  Dresden is a PI wizard working in modern day Chicago who encounters enemies that are usually stronger and way out of his magical league.  1,032 more words


My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

What can one say about the Dresden Files that hasn’t already been said?

Not much really. It is hailed as a brilliantly written, amazingly addictive, and fabulously inventive story that is the measure by which most Urban Fantasy novels are judged. 772 more words


Demons and Detectives

Fantasy novels these days tend to draw most of their lore from Tolkien. The main characters are the tall and pretty elves or the evil and ugly orcs. 601 more words


Book Series Wednesday: Skin Game by Jim Butcher [Spoilers for Dresden books 1-14]

This week for Book Series Wednesday I’m covering the latest book in The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Spoilers for all previous books after the jump. 420 more words

Book Series Wednesday

Book Series - The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

So, this isn’t really a book review because I’ve actually read 15 of these bad boys, but I am going to talk about my general experience with the series. 624 more words

Product Review

Commentary on writing romance.

I wont lie, I have no idea how to write romance. This probably won’t be very helpful, but we all have to start from somewhere (the same advice I give myself at the gym by the way.) Anyway, the topic tonight is romance, and because I do not profess to know anything on the topic, all I can tell you is what not to do. 688 more words


Why You Should Consider Reading The Dresden Files

Are you a(n): Adrenaline junkie? Pyromaniac? Urban fantasy lover? If so, this series is for you.

Written by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files is a series set in modern Chicago, about a wizard private investigator named Harry Dresden. 573 more words