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PoD : Oh, Hey Harry!

I almost forgot Richard played Harry Kennedy

And the winner of yesterday’s PoD is – Servetus!

But hey, all the captions were awesome. Thanks for participating! 33 more words

It's a Tie

RA Character challenge

8.) Least Favorite Outfit


There is just something about Harry’s wedding suit that I abhor.

The shiny white tie, the perfectly level shoulders, the ill fit of the suit itself, not to mention that flower… 70 more words

Richard Armitage

My Kind of Perfection

RA Character challenge

7.) Favorite Outfit

I love this look of Harry’s <3

if it wasn’t on him though, would I like it as much? The jeans appear a little too loose in the lower legs, the striped sweater is a bit geeky and the coat is kind of long… 78 more words

Richard Armitage

The Trouble With Harry

Sure, Richard Armitage is deliciously stunning as Harry Kennedy,The Handsome Stranger who sweeps vicar Geraldine Granger off her feet in The Vicar of Dibley 2006-2007 Christmas special… 418 more words

Puppy Love

RA Character challenge

3.) Favorite Couple

Harry & Geraldine

Their courtship is so cute and sweet,

it makes me feel like a teenager all over again! 42 more words

Richard Armitage

I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!

I felt it was time for another post-every-day series, so I’ve been looking around for a challenge to adapt

like I did with the Alphabet Movie challenge… 94 more words

Richard Armitage

Just Call Me the RA Collage Queen. Boom, Boom, Boom!

Well, it’s fun and when you can’t sleep, it’s a nice way to pass the time. A mixture of collages and FB covers I’ve made this week.  14 more words

Richard Armitage