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Sir Guy, RA and I and our Seven-Year AnniveRsAry. Not itching yet.

It was seven years ago this summer when it all began. One sticky south Alabama Saturday night I flipped on the TV and tuned into BBC America to catch their latest version of the Robin Hood legend. 897 more words

Richard Armitage

Tanya Gold is a jerk; Richard Armitage nonetheless stays on message

Dear London Sunday Times interviewer, Tanya Gold,

It really kills me to write this letter to you, because you know my real name. I have loved at least two editorials you have written, and I loved one of them so much that I made the effort to track you down and write you a letter on my real university account — something you wrote about the royals in… 880 more words

Richard Armitage

RA Pocket Shrine 30/? - Harry Goes Nowhere in Particular

The commissioner of today’s RAPS made me laugh with her initial e-mail. It was entitled “Okay, it’s time” and started out “Alright, the teasing has gone on long enough: I need one of those shrines, gosh darn it!!” Looks like I have been chipping away at my fellow fans’ sensibilities. 457 more words

Richard Armitage

Fanvid Friday: Jungle Drum

Yes, it’s Harry again :)

Jungle Drum, created by TeaRoseProductions

I really like how certain scenes in this video speed up, it gives a playful feel that matches the song choice. 110 more words

Richard Armitage