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JK Rowling's Halloween Treat

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“We love the Harry Potter books and then we loved the movies. When everything ended, we felt a void in our lives and hearts. 123 more words

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Seeing and Not Seeing

This whole week, I have been immersed in re-reading the Harry Potter series. I swear that JK Rowling is a witch herself who put such a spell on her books through her storytelling that I simply cannot stop reading. 262 more words


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Through the reading and watching of the Harry Potter series i have picked up a few quotes along the way that have stayed with me for a long time now. 341 more words

Reading Now: The Harry Potter Series

In 2001, when I was in fourth grade, Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone was released as a movie. I remember watching it with two of my childhood friends and reciting lines afterward, attempting the best British accents we could. 209 more words


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Author:  J.K. Rowling

Genre:  Fantasy


Enjoyability/Awesomeness:  9

  • Action:  8
  • Suspense:  6
  • Boredom:  1
  • Romance:  3
  • Magic:  10
  • Thrills:  7

Recommended Age Range:  11+


Art: what a concept!

I love concept art. Aside from the fact that it’s usually stunning, most of it is created for the sole purpose of getting a notion down on paper. 305 more words


A Drarry Fanfiction | Wake Me Up

I could stay like this forever in your arms just looking at you. Even the way you sleep is flawless to me. I stroke your messy raven hair, which stubbornly falls back, resting on your long eyelashes. 1,439 more words

Draco Malfoy