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Seoul, Sense, & Sensibility

In the airplane from Atlanta to Seoul, I watched a Jane Austen movie called Sense and Sensibility. I felt myself challenged in so many ways, relating to the characters and yet getting frustrated because I could see their downfalls so clearly. 567 more words

FHB: Chapter 31

As Lucius contemplated his decision, he heard it again. Polkus seemed so focused on the meeting that he did not even notice when Lucius slowly slipped away. 885 more words

Fan Fiction

LA, Whimsic Alley, and Craig Ferguson!

I am finally back in San Diego! We took an early flight this morning, arrived, and then took off for LA! I had two goals in LA: Whimsic Alley and Craig Ferguson! 434 more words

Travis The Grimm

Lucius Malfoy's Robes

Lucius Malfoy’s Robes

Malfoy Snr’s clothing has never been described in the book, but I love him too much to leave him out ;)  Black embroidered robes with an outer robe of velvet. 11 more words


Severus Snape's Robes

Severus Snape’s Robes

Billowing black robes for the Potions master. I wanted to give him as many layers as possible, to represent the many layers of his character. 18 more words

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Gilderoy Lockhart's Book Signing Robes

Gilderoy Lockhart’s Book Signing Robes

Forget-me-not blue robes worn at Flourish & Blott’s. They match his eyes exactly!


My Patronus Charm

My Patronus Charm

A ray of sunshine

When all seems lost

A ray of pure light

When all is dark

A friend like no other… 98 more words