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Time, where does it go?

Time is either my best friend or my worst enemy. It’s now 10:48 AM and I’m on my second cup of coffee, yet I’ve been up since oh, I’m not even sure now, but the minutes have turned into hours and the hours have turned into what feels like days. 648 more words


Things I Think (and talk) About When Rob Is Trying To Sleep

In the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling uses a lot of hidden references to the Latin language. You’ve probably read some of them. Like how… 288 more words


Just Kidding, J.K.

Romeo and Juliet. Bella and Edward. Katniss and Peeta. Ron and Hermione. All of these epitomize true love and are the kinds of relationships readers fall in love with. 547 more words


Review: Potter parody is fun for all the family

Live Quidditch, epic duels and a fire-breathing dragon! All of these are to be found in Potted Potter, which is currently running at the Everyman Palace in Cork.



‘Sup, y’all!

So, I made a Warrior cats and Tribe of Rushing Water RPG.  Feel free to join them!

Anyway, I was thinking of making a Harry Potter and/or Percy Jackson RPG.   50 more words

39 Clues

Easter Combo: The Magical Duo!

So here it is; another sorry. (Yikes!) I guess you guys get a bit tired of these, but I gotta apologize for skipping the reviews over during Easter. 542 more words

Book Reviews

And the Faucet Drips!

My faucet drips, great!

Just one more thing to add to my plate.

It’s always something, right?

Just another day in life’s ongoing fight.

The American dream to own a home? 120 more words