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Has a book changed my life?

I have been challenged–though thankfully not to douse myself with ice water.

Although I admire, watch and thrill at everyone else’s videos as they meet the awesome challenge to raise awareness of ALS, I still silently hope that no one calls on me. 667 more words


#50booksin2014: Sixteen through Twenty

I spent the better part of my high school & college years reading novels for tests or essays, but rarely for pleasure. I missed out on so many good books and decided that my post-grad life would be full of reading books of my choosing. 488 more words

In Honour of September 1st - Barbecue with Family Friends [Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling]

There are some things I’ve had in mind since I started this project of rereading one Harry Potter book a year, and one of them was the comparison of… 1,991 more words


Back To School Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners for the giveaway! You all have 24 hours to message the page from which prize you have won. The information will be below! 319 more words

Nerd Girl Style

September Victorious

You just know that this month is set to be a great after a day like today. Everything just went right. This month I’m going to be celebrating the mini-victories in life. 207 more words


Lupin's Command Red Scarf

I finished the “Lupin Scarf” today, which is to be a present for Mr. Hogwarts – although I do still need to get some buttons or toggles as the ones that I got at Hobbycraft at the weekend aren’t quite what I wanted, as I have turned this into a cowl rather than a scarf as I would have run out of yarn otherwise. 328 more words


September 1st - It's Time to Go Back Home.

Dagen började lugnt och skönt. Barnen sov över hos ett par vänner och jag behövde inte gå upp förän jag kände för det. Efter jag ätit frukost så gjorde jag mig i ordning och gick ner till High Street för mitt möte med banken. 429 more words

Au Pair