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{orlando} harry potter's hogsmeade

Compared to Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade was kind of a disappointment. I am most certainly not saying that you shouldn’t hop on the Hogwarts Express and experience as much of this side of Harry Potter world as possible, but I think after visiting Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade seems a little less exciting. 219 more words


Fandom Boys.

All our favourites! Woahh….hold up….where is Jem….where is Will? Magnus? Alec? Okay. Not all, but most. Minho? Newt? Okay. Whoooh. I’m okay…kind of.

~ Hermione Jean Granger.

Tobias Eaton

Self-Portrait by Alexandra Plancarte


The process of taking this self-portriat was quite difficult. The first location I tried to use was my roommates room but I was not getting the results I wanted. 206 more words

Doing Harry Potter

I haven’t been running in years…

3 years to be exact, but tonight, I felt that familiar wind whipping through my hair, the sweat glistening off my body, the ache in the back of my calves. 879 more words

A Day of Reading

Today I read, like, a lot.

I was halfway through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when I had stopped last night, so that’s where I picked up from when I began reading at 11am this morning.   269 more words

Bits Of The Day

1st of September: back to Hogwarts

Today’s the first day of school *sobs*.  To cheer myself up a bit, I decided to PRETEND that I’m going back to Hogwarts instead of a muggle school. 496 more words


Preconceito literário | Leia o que quiser!

Agora irei falar de algo um pouco mais polêmico, mas é porque eu realmente acho um assunto interessante e espero que alguém comente aqui no post. 502 more words