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You'll Never Forget Who Voices Which 'The Simpsons' Character Thanks To This Handy Chart

According to the Simpsons Wiki, Hank Azaria has voiced 20 pages worth of Springfield’s finest, or approximately 315 characters, ranging from beloved regulars like Apu to one-time-only “Trucker 3.” That’s a lot, so although Jishai Evers, … 63 more words


Reflecting on Kant, the ideal of beauty

This is a huge subject and I can only summarise my understanding here and it’s by no means complete.

I. Kant, On Critique of Judgement Book 1, 1790… 484 more words

Je suis Charlie

The sad fact is there is no one else to defend them. Satirists
are reliant ultimately on the very establishment they mock.
That’s the great irony of their situation. 626 more words
Critical Thinking

Harry Shearer got punked by fake congressman from nonexistent district

A performance artist indeed.

Whoever is behind the hilarious parody accounts belonging to “Rep. Steven Smith” and his chief of staff “T.J. Mitch Johnson” has scored another win. 256 more words


Je Suis Charlie: An Attack on Freedom

Edgar Johnson wrote  that “A satirist is never certain whether he/she will be acclaimed or punished.” Today 10 extraordinary and acclaimed satirists were punished by Islamic extremists who killed them for their alleged offenses against Mohammed. 907 more words


Watch A LIVE Concert Webcast With Judith Owen & Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer’s legacy within the world of entertainment is boundless. Whether it was Saturday Night Live, Spinal Tap, The Simpsons, or any other of his endeavors, his immense talent stretches far and wide. 172 more words


It's almost the New Year. Time for goal setting and the Swimcrest Syncro Team! (And a little SNL)

This video NEVER gets old for me. Never.

And really, it’s aspirational. Swimcrest Syncro anyone??


JavaScript required to play snl-synchro. 111 more words

Swim Heroes