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Harry Styles girlfriend update: If model Paige Reifler isn't dating him and Neon Jungle's Asami Zdrenka isn't either, who is?

Who is Harry Styles dating? Is it New York model Paige Reifler or is it Neon Jungle beauty Asamai Zdrenka? Well now, we can update you… 429 more words



The Internet has imploded with the news that Harry Styles himself is currently visiting the 7th least densely populated state in the US.

We first heard the news here at TDHQ from our main man on the ground in the US, … 108 more words

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Seems like Niall can’t go too long without seeing his favourite member of One Direction…

Ahhhh woops, wrong Harry

Niall recently spent the day at the Harry Potter studio tour. 62 more words

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One Direction To Pen An Autobiography

No words for this, cause honnestly, what hasn’t been splashed all over the tabloids?
However, they look pretty on the cover

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Guy Drops Out Of College To Be A Harry Styles Look-alike! [PICS]

Even if you don’t listen to One Direction’s music, you’ve probably heard of one of their band members: Harry Styles. The ladies go crazy for this guy and a man who thinks that he looks just like Harry has quit college to become a full time Harry look-alike! 156 more words


Does Harry Styles Have A New Girlfriend?!

In a lot of girls’ minds, I’m sure they are the ones who are dating One Directioner, Harry Styles, but there’s a girl out there claiming to really be dating him! 142 more words


This Harry Styles lookalike is headed in the wrong direction

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time – quitting your studies to become a lookalike of one of the most famous heartthrobs in the world. 205 more words