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WIPpet Wednesday - More Faerie Blood Backstory

Hi! So, um, been perusing what I have for Troy and… Yeah. The First Draft is officially demoted to Notes. Mostly because I can’t find many of my notes. 685 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Character Exercise

Hello all! I wasn’t going to WIPpet this week, and I’m so late I doubt many of you will find me, but here I am after all. 955 more words


i'm getting warning as "floating point overfow "



  short int b = (short int)(((-100) * (1UL << 6)) - 0.5);

  short int c = (short int)( (-6400) - 0.5 );

  printf("%d",sizeof(short int));



… 28 more words
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set format of header row in itext

I am generating a PDF file from CSV using iText. I need to format the file such that the header row (which occurs in the beginning of every page) should be in a… 62 more words

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