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Dr. Gifford-Jones: It's the worst dirty trick of aging, says expert

In 2014, how much progress did we make in the search for sound lifestyle?

Many of us know it’s better to ask for low-fat milk or eat more chicken than fatty meat. 665 more words


Candy Cane Countdown: Day 4

Here we are at Day 4, folks. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday was just Day 1? Heh…

 December 4 - Humanizing Medicine

My great friend and colleague, Brandy King (of… 185 more words

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Eight-week mindfulness meditation program changes brain

A good account at The Harvard Gazette:

“Participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appears to make measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress.

265 more words

How Do I Benefit From Core Exercises? - Harvard

We hear a lot about ‘working the core’ these days. Pilates and yoga are ones that I remember, but how do I benefit from core exercises? 328 more words


Public Perception of Eating Disorders

Dr. David Herzog, Harvard Emeritus Professor and internationally recognized authority on eating disorders, interviews with UF Psychiatry to answer the question, “How would you address public perception that eating disorders are not a disease or an addiction?”.

Dr David Herzog

Ethnicity and Differential Access to Care for Eating Disorder Symptoms

A prevailing, yet unsubstantiated clinical stereotype has conventionally associated eating disorders with privileged Caucasian girls of Anglo and European descent. The National Eating Disorders Screening Program dataset offered an opportunity to investigate (1) whether there are disparities in access to care between ethnic minority women compared with non-ethnic minority women for eating disorder symptoms and concerns and (2) whether patient-specific help-seeking factors or clinician factors have an impact on ethnic disparities in access to care for eating disorder symptoms. 329 more words

Dr David Herzog