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Detective 580 - the double image crimes of Two-Face

Jim Baikie joins Mike W Barr for this two-part Two-Face story, which begins in Detective 580 (Nov. 87).

The story appears to open with Two-Face waking up and discovering his facial deformity.  177 more words


Gotham Will Be Back For Season 2! More Harvey Dent!!!

With the first season getting good ratings and great reviews to go with it, Gotham has been picked up by Fox for another season! Yay! And that means, we get to see more of Harvey Dent!! 67 more words

Nicholas D’Agosto

The Modern World, Minds, and Missed Connections

Our Superhero found out today that what once was understood as a hallucination actually happened. The truth often hurts (fucking douche truth!).

Modern technology is confusing in the best of times. 222 more words


Batman: The Long Halloween Review

I recently finished reading Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. I was excited to read this, as Jeph Loeb is one of the main names in superhero television, working on shows like Heroes, Smallville, and Agents of SHIELD. 884 more words


TV Review | Gotham 1.09 'Harvey Dent'

Original UK Air date: 8th December 2014

This Week on Gotham…

During a prisoner transfer, insane bomb-maker Ian Hargrove is kidnapped by the Russian Mob. The group force him to help them rip off Carmine Falcone, as revenge for their then-boss Nikolai’s death. 805 more words


Notes for the Dark Knight

Origin of the Dark Knight, the continuation of Christopher Nolan’s Batman. Batman Began, so its specifically about him vs this film. Not the only protagonist vs leading up to the ending. 480 more words


Check Out The Promo For The Return Of Gotham

Gotham looks to be hitting its stride in the back half of season 1 which is coming in January. I had a lot of dislikes about the first half of the season, there were a lot of filler episodes and annoying characters that got more screen time than the compelling ones. 101 more words

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