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Double Trouble: GOTHAM Is About To Get Strange!

By: Adam Basciano

We know that 3 of Batman’s premiere villains are set to appear on the FOX prequel series GOTHAM. We can add another pair of baddies to the list.  354 more words

Simply Superman Batman

Celebrate Batman's 75th birthday!

The Dark Knight is 75 today! And DC Comics is having people show their Batman side by tweeting the most Batman selfie they can muster. Join the fun by using the hashtag #BatmanSelfie on the appropriate social media platforms/sites.


Gotham watch: Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange expected in first season

I’ve started to follow the gestation of Batman-prequel fairly closely, even though, whisper it, I’m a bit ambivalent to the super anti-hero. My interest in the prequel series – broadcasting on US network Fox in the autumn – stems from the fact that a) it’ll be one of the most talked-about series of the new season, and b) it follows the adventures of a nascent Jim Gordon, who’s patrolling the streets. 303 more words


Fox's Gotham Reveals Two New Villains!

Hey lads! Do you know that two new baddies will pop-up in the upcoming Gotham series? Let me introduce them to ya!

Dr. Hugo Strange and the future Two-Face, District Attorney Harvey Dent, from the Batman comics are set to “raise their ugly faces” on the first season en route. 223 more words


Happy Batman Day Minus-Two

As the march to Batman Day continues, so does the epic confusion about holding up signs on the Internet. You’re up, Harvey.

But, but…  Oh why do I even bother.


TV News: Gotham Will Have Professor Hugo Strange and Harvey Dent

IGN has learned that Gotham will be adding two additional future Batman villains during its debut season.  In an exclusive chat with Gotham executive producer and show runner Bruno Heller, he told them that Professor Hugo Strange will be introduced to also begin showing Arkham Asylum’s origins.   303 more words


How to Enjoy "The Dark Knight Rises"

When I mention The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s 2012 conclusion to his “Dark Knight Trilogy”, my best friend curls his lip and shakes his head. 2,984 more words

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