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Talking in (Digital) Tongues

Facebook…Twitter…Hash tag this, Tweet me that. Whatever happened to talking to each other using the language we were (supposed) to have been taught in school? 985 more words


Why I Don’t Use Twitter

I am asked quite often if I have a Twitter account, and when I say no, I usually get a sad “Oh, you poor thing” look. 982 more words

Social Media Optimization (#), (@), (RT)

‘Why should I be limited to just 140 characters? What does (#), (@), (RT) mean?’ I hear somebody asking :).

We have been performing live tweets, and postings on facebook and as CPD we would like to ensure that we are all in sync with what we do on social media. 56 more words

Ideas Pin Board

#Bla, B•L•A, Bla, Random

Silverglade Rider Post Readers: #Random Post

Okay, the title of this post is random. The POST too. Okay. Haven’t posted for long. Sad News, I might not be posting for the next month. 45 more words

Ruby Dawnbrooke

What does your Instagram say about you?

Isn’t it such a thrill to rate, share, comment .. Hash tag this .. and Like that?
We use social media as a tool to share only things we want people to see the most.. 496 more words


Pretty Safe in a Messy World

The world might seem dangerously out of control at the moment, what with Islamist terror gangs slaughtering people across a wide swath of Iraq and Syria and… 718 more words