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Hashimoto's Won't Keep This Lizard Down

Hello! My name is Tokyo, and I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease that basically sucks.

I live in Japan, and contrary to popular belief, living here has… 318 more words


Rapunzel, let down your braids.

I am in love with my hair. I had super long plaits like this in 2012 when I went natural. My hair does not like being out, it breaks easier that way so I am giving it a break. 112 more words

Thyroid Disease

Hello? Is It Me You Are Looking For?

It is August, and I missed you! How have you been? You look good! You do! Well, I always think you look nice.

Here are some things that happened: 439 more words

Simple Living

300+ hypothyroid symptoms that prove you're not crazy.

When you are living with thyroid disease, you are automatically more attuned to changes in your health. When you get a headache or your skin is dryer than usual, you have to ask yourself: is this a thyroid symptom or is it completely unrelated? 1,296 more words


Thyroid Follow-up.

A few of you wanted me to follow up on my next appointment to the doctors. Well, here it is. I will try to not express the anger I felt in this post as I did earlier. 742 more words

Thyroid Disease

I can almost feel individual lymphocytes attacking my thyroid tissue.

Tired. Sluggish. In pain.

This, too, shall pass.

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Adventures in Gluten Free: 2 Months

So — it has been over two months since I eliminated wheat from my diet.  In these last two months I have felt better than I’ve felt in a long time.   982 more words