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Bashtag: NYPD Twitter campaign backfires

NEW YORK (AP) — To put it in social media terms, the New York Police Department got trolled.

The nation’s largest police force learned the hard way that there are legions online devoted to short-circuiting even the best-intentioned public relations campaign — in this case, the NYPD’s Twitter invitation to people to post feel-good photos of themselves posing with New York’s Finest. 501 more words


The NYPD Twitter Backlash, And Why You Should Not Launch A Feel Good Hashtag

Sometimes, brands and organizations wants to promote some feel good things on the internet.  To do this, brands and organizations will start a hashtag on social media in the hopes that it will bring good things about that brand or organization.   684 more words

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NYPD Twitter Fail

Here is another lesson on Twitter and hashtags, just because you create it doesn’t mean that you own it. The New York City Police Department learned that the hard way.The New York Police Department on Tuesday asked people to post photos with its officers using the hashtag #myNYPD. 575 more words

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