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Fart Alone

Sometimes I just want to fart alone in bed without anybody hearing it. #marriedpeopleprobs



Why the hype with Instagram?? Well, the free app has gone from a selfie platform to a story-telling platform overnight. You can’t avoid the people that post nothing but photos of their lunch, gym or shoes but you can also find some really amazing and inspirational people (especially if travelling is your thing) to follow. 378 more words

Using Hashtags - do you or don't you??

To get it out there – I’ll admit it outright – I HATE hashtags. Some people write things and use them among their writing and, to me, it makes it really difficult in reading the posts. 677 more words

Weddings - what's in now!

Hashtags are everywhere, Instagram rule and now it’s trending in weddings!  How so, you ask?  Well, it’s a great way to share the pictures your friends have taken at your wedding!  79 more words


Hashtag Activism

As someone who started a hashtag themself, you’d think that I was an avid supporter of hashtag activism, but you might be wrong there. This piece encapsulates that whilst I think that hashtags can be tremendously useful tools, they are not lacking in shortcomings. 1,945 more words


#hashtag #hashtag #hashtag

The more I have been involved in social media, the more I have learned to LOVE hashtags. I was very skeptical about them at first. I thought they were stupid and didn’t really understand their purpose. 341 more words