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May ETS: Clojure, tacos, and Coronas!

Not sure what to do this Cinco de Mayo?? Well, come on down to the Riverside Center for Innovation!

We’ll be having our next Emerging Tech event that evening from 6-8pm. 192 more words

Adventures in Cabal Installations

First Google Code Jam!

The format of this competition, allowing us to run programs on our own machines, brought up a very interesting issue for me: what programming language should I be using? 1,566 more words


Tackling Project Euler in Haskell: Problem 1

I thought it would be a good idea to start a new blog (I originally did have one about Q/KDB/Finance once upon a time but I decided for a fresh start) and my first posts will be about how to solve Project Euler (PE) puzzles in Haskell but also showing the thought process. 514 more words


What You Can Learn from Startup Job Listings

Paul Graham wrote (13 years ago) that you can learn a lot about startups by reading their job listings [1].

The companies looking for C++ or Java developers were generally slow-moving and useless, because programming in Java is like throwing down a boat anchor. 374 more words

Interesting Facts

The Fibonacci sequence as an unfold

import Data.List

f :: 
f = unfoldr ( \x -> case x of
                      (0,0) -> Just (0, (1,0))
                      (a,b) -> Just (a+b, (b, a+b)) ) (0,0)
… 11 more words

Gibbs Sampling in R, Haskell, Jags and Stan


It’s possible to Gibbs sampling in most languages and since I am doing some work in R and some work in Haskell, I thought I’d present a simple example in both languages: estimating the mean from a normal distribution with unknown mean and variance. 1,422 more words