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PragmataPro ligatures = coding better

Since v_0.820 every weight includes ligatures. The goal is to improve the readability of the coding texts.
Programming languages like Haskell, Scala, Swift and many others are based on ligatures. 12 more words


Permutation of string, Haskell

I have a given string: abcdpqrs, where output will be: badcqpsr.

My current code:

f :: [a] -> [a]
f (a:b:xs) = b:a:xs
f xs = xs
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Y Combinator and C++

If one searches for ‘Y combinator’ now, it is likely that the first hit is Paul Graham’s incubator company Y Combinator. I am not sure whether Paul likes this fact or not—as a Lisp hacker, he must like the… 2,069 more words


Giving Emacs A Shot

For the last year or so, I’ve been using GEdit to write Haskell code. It’s worked pretty well for the most part. Haskell is a pretty simple language, and thanks to the REPL, I find myself not really missing most fancy IDE features. 1,124 more words