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Haskell Abstractions At Work (Part II - An Interlude)

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The boss wants more

So the boss comes back and says, “Naren, this is great but I don’t want to write code to specify my schedule”. 1,054 more words


Haskell Basic Function with List Input

I’m reading Beginning Haskell: A Project-Based Approach by Alejandro Serrano Mena to learn Haskell properly. I’m currently at the first part of the book, and I found this function declared there. 181 more words

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Haskell Abstractions At Work (Part I)

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Recently, while constructing a domain-specific language (DSL), I had to solve a problem analogous to the following. You are given a company with boss and employees represented by their free-time schedules. 2,515 more words


Learn Me A Haskell Development Tool Setup

I attended the Brisbane Functional Programing Group meetup this week, and one of the talks was by Chris McKay on “The Whirlwind tour of Haskell Development Tools”. 319 more words


Setdown: the best tool for fast and repeatable line based set operations

Introducing setdown

Have you ever been on the command line and tried to perform set operations? Have you ever followed crazy cli guides on the internet… 1,408 more words


SJS is now known as Inferno

Inferno is a type inference engine for a safe subset of JS. It was formerly known as SJS.

Happy happy joy joy. The poll results are in. 62 more words


Applicative functors vs Monads

Another hard day to dive in articles and papers. So confused. And still.

If one type is a Monad, it is an Applicative. Monads are more powerful than Applicatives. 612 more words