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Introducing The K&R Challenge

Recently, I inherited a copy of The C Programming Language, aka “K&R”. I was borrowing it, and today I tried to give it back, but the book’s former owner didn’t want it back. 372 more words


Fixing GEdit's Unconfigurable Terminal

Lately I’ve been distro hopping. Between projects and lacking inspiration, I’ve been in search of a new DE and a new text editor. I’ve come to realize that I don’t have the patience to deal with XMonad and friends, and of the mainstream DE’s, I like Gnome 3 the best. 299 more words


(DRAFT) Performance: If you wondered when a difference list helps...

View literate file on Github

In Haskell mythology, laziness is one of the Sirens: you can’t but be lured in by its raciness in the heat of learning Haskell; you are then inevitably wrecked by it as your imperative sensibilites take hold; and a year or so later you sit down to describe your adventure in a Homerian epic. 748 more words


Maintaining focus on a panel in wxHaskell

Working in Ubuntu 13.10 and wxHaskell, I created a panel and a button in wxHaskell.  My intent is to draw on the panel and change what is drawn when I press the arrow keys.  386 more words

Nit-picking languages

It’s that (too frequent) time again … when I anxiously (and full of fickleness) wonder what language to increase familiarity with.

The last year, I learnt quite a bit of common lisp, or atleast enough to write a lot of exploratory code in, working with libraries, timing, profiling, improving, and so on. 121 more words


Compiling Leksah on Windows7 64-bit

The first step appears to be to get gtk2hs installed (which includes packages: pango, gtk, glib, etc.).  I found instructions on how to do this… 45 more words