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My History of the Hasmonean Queens—A Tale of Two Queens

High Priest and ruler John Hyrcanus did not have to have “the Deity converse with him” to know that his eldest sons were not fit to rule Judea. 1,049 more words


My History of Hasmonean Queens—A Queen Mother as a Two-Edged Sword

John Hyrcanus son of Simon the High Priest and Ruler of Judea and the unnamed daughter of the last Oniad High Priest, (my theory) ran into a bit of trouble because of his mother. 1,125 more words


My History of Hasmonean Queens--A Queen Mother with a Blessed Memory

Stories of the Maccabees and royalty are full of the number seven. When Simon took over for his slain brother Jonathan:

(Simon) erected seven pyramids in a row, for his father and his mother and his four brothers… and …carved prows of ships, so that they could be seen by all who sailed the sea…I Maccabees 13:26-30, Antiquities of the Jews XIII.

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My History of Hasmonean Queens...A High Priest's Daughter becomes a "Queen"

After the death of Judas, his brother Jonathan took up his mantle. Little Judea was a ping-pong ball in the Greek kings’ wars that were spanning generations. 1,040 more words