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How apps could improve business performance for your SME

Small businesses are increasingly turning to apps to improve business performance, generate sales leads, win new business, keep existing customers and promote their brand.

Rob Hodges, digital executive at Mobiles.co.uk, believes small businesses should rethink their strategy with mobile devices in mind. 774 more words

Business Plan

#hashtag Instagram Me

I opened an Instagram account when I opened this blog. I wasn’t too into it. I don’t like taking selfies and I’m a terrible photographer (someday I’ll tell you about my adventure with National Geographic Magazine). 343 more words


You Think You Know...

I am a 20-something, low-fuss girl that’s shy slash friendly, and said to be too nice. I love my V.I.P.s, a good laugh, my job and learning to love myself too. 782 more words



Are you on Instagram? Sharing your activities and work while you are at AUT?

Join the AUT community on Instagram by tagging your AUT related shots with the hash tag #AUTUNI.

Tag away!


Accepting the #selfie enthusiasts

I admire people who have the guts to take selfies. Its takes a whole of courage to turn on your phone camera and take pictures of yourself in public place i.e.Starbucks/highways/schools/funerals/hospital wards/ outer space /operation tables/ edge of waterfalls/ top of buildings. 227 more words


40 hastags for social good

Socialbrite. (2010). 40 hashtags for social good! . Retrieved from http://www.socialbrite.org

This flyer is exactly what it sounds like, a list of 40 different hashtags for social good. 15 more words

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COM0011 - Blog Post 3 - Getting it done right with #Hashtags

Getting it done right with #Hashtags

When thinking about the fundamentals of social media for business: awareness, action, authenticity and trust, the same types of things need to be thought of when it comes to hashtags. 183 more words

COM0011 - Introduction To Social Media