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"I'm hungry but I have no appetite. #firstworldproblems"

Please go back to school.  I don’t believe you know the definition of ‘hungry’ or ‘appetite’.


#hastag Activism: Does it Work?

Twitter has been widely credited with being a driving force in the Arab Spring uprisings of the early 2010s and for good reason – twitter allows individuals to rapidly disseminate information and to spread opinions and views quickly. 172 more words

Technology Tools

"I don't know why my twitter stopped being synced with my Facebook. #firstworldproblems"

Apparently your Facebook feed made the wise decision to not give a fuck about what you are posting on Twitter.  Not everyone on Facebook and Twitter needs to know when you are taking a shit.


Numero Uno.

An introduction ladies and germs.  Just dipping my feet into the water of the blogging world with a friendly hello.  Each month I will bring to you a wonderful, rant-friendly topic.   41 more words


Day Three: Erin goes full hipster; or, Erin goes on a journey to find herself and ends up in Indianola

Hey kiddos!

So, today was the much-anticipated (by me, anyway) Day of the Hipster. I know you’re all super duper excited to hear about it. Well, I started it out like I’d imagine most hipsters start their day: sleeping in and browsing the internet on my laptop. 1,247 more words


The over use of Irony on social media: Three steps to recovery.

My name is Victoria and I have an Irony addiction.

It has got to the point where I don’t know where the Irony started and where it became legit. 189 more words

Bieber's Mom Says She Wants More Kids

What she meant was “I want more teen pop sensations that fly off the handle and pee on things,” but tomato tomato.

She “broke” this news in a tweet: 48 more words