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Folio Society Brief, The Treasure of Abbot Thomas

To develop my ideas, concepts and composition for the Folio Society Brief, I kept going with the method my tutor recommended, which is the A2 working sheet process. 456 more words



I’ll let you in on a secret: I am scared of making bread.

It is a completely irrational fear. Dough is not supposed to be stress inducing, or Play Doh wouldn’t have been such a hit. 592 more words


12-17 Butterfly Swallows Reason

Butterfly, butterfly,

hatching in my throat,


on a silver threaded grasp,

I wove,

why do you,


Death comes,

with white round drums,

and ghosts, 21 more words

Guinea Jeans: Buff Dundotte

The Buff Dundottes are a wild card.  Some things I read say the buff color is more sex-linked, others say it is not.  I have noticed, that with the Dundottes, the females are darker than the males.  772 more words

Guinea Fowl

Winter Solstice Dragon - Only 7 Days to Get It!

I was so excited to see this when I woke up!

You need to be involved in the World Event and earn at least 650 Christmas Gifts to get the Snow Owl Dragon community prize. 179 more words


Web Cam Captures Penguin Hatching At National Aviary

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Who could ever forget the Eagle Cam? It traced the lives of three baby eagles, from the day they hatched till the day they flew from the nest. 281 more words