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Chicken hatching - attempt #2

Well, the hen we thought was ready to sit on eggs wasn’t. She was broody but was also unwell, was not sitting properly on the eggs, leaving some out in the  cold and then she starting breaking and eating them. 223 more words

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Our Own Chicks

We’ve had hens for over a year now and despite the set back of loosing four to a dog earlier in the year we still love having them around. 472 more words


Hatching Chickens - with a broody hen

We have this seasons first broody hen and the good thing is she is in the nest box of the main chook house rather than tucked away under a bush somewhere with  her own eggs and out in the elements of late winter. 326 more words

Chickens / Poultry

Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 11/2014

Look who’s back…after a long wait we enjoy a visit from an always welcome guest – the rhinopias! In this newest episode there is also a baby flamboyant cuttlefish hunting, a cute little pufferfish resting in a shell and of course many other critters…enjoy!


Project 1 – Detailed observation of natural objects

Exercise 3: Detail and tone

In this exercise, I should draw a single object with pencils and different hatching techniques. I started to draw a sliced pepper with colored pencils, whereby I tried to describe the shape of the pepper with the direction of the strokes. 485 more words


while we will move

You crawled into a yearning box
Meant for our winter clothing,
That dumbly long spine of yours popping
Your head right through,
Brown crunch.
You love turtles— 35 more words


A Welcome Surprise!

by Stacie

A few weeks had past since I have seen my hen Willow. I figured she fell prey to a coyote. Then one day while cleaning out the coop she was in I came across Willow and a huge nest of 22 eggs. 453 more words