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Man found innocent of hate crimes in fight

LITCHFIELD, Conn. (AP) — A man who was accused of using a Nazi salute during a fight with another man has been found innocent of hate crimes and assault. 131 more words



While Christians and others who will not convert to Islam are beheaded the Muslim community in Australia is being lifted up as a most patriotic, caring and loving group. 290 more words

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Iowa Professor Creates KKK Statue To Protest Racism After Ferguson . . . The University Removes Art As Students Demand The Firing Of The Professor

We recently saw rather bizarre case of a college president having to publicly apologize for saying the “all lives matter” rather than “all Black lives matter” in supporting protests over the Ferguson and New York grand jury decisions. 969 more words


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[caption id="attachment_17194" align="alignnone" width="480"]Serhat Tanyolacar Serhat Tanyolacar. The anti-racist professor has been labeled a racist because dumb black "students" on campus didn't understand his artist's perspective.[/caption] Libturds are turning on each other. I'm loving it. An a**hole professor creates some anti-racist art, a KKK statue, that his fellow libturds see as racist. Now the students want him fired. Good news! Let him be fired. Let's sabotage the corrupt cultural Marxist mindset on campus by demanding he be fired. The more of them we can help get rid of, the better. [caption id="attachment_17195" align="alignnone" width="534"]This childishness is called art on the modern college campus.  How ridiculous! This childishness is called art on the modern college campus. How ridiculous![/caption]

Turning the Page: It's open season on LGBT people in Russia

On the day when the slaughter of innocent schoolchildren by extremists in Pakistan shocked the world, I wonder if a Human Rights Watch report about the increase in attacks against LGBT people in Russia came as a surprise to anyone. 575 more words