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'Who is that douchebag?' Michelle Malkin's 'hatemailer of the day' hilariously strikes out [pic]

Michelle Malkin is accustomed to hearing from haters who can’t deal with the fact that she’s a minority, female conservative. But every once in a while, one hater manages to set himself apart from the rest of the rabble with something… 215 more words

US Politics

It's Raining Men!

In a recent post I was complaining about how I have been struggling to find any men to date lately. Now I’m feeling a bit inundated and it is proving difficult to keep up with them all! 535 more words


Taking the edge off with my Jack Daniels

It really hurt me what he did..violated my privacy. Just glad I was able to take a pic of that post. But facebook fought me twice. 523 more words

Nathan Hamill

Greg Gory's HATE Mail ARCHIVES

Have you missed any of Greg Gory’s Hate Mail? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Listen up for some truth

Greg Gory's HATE Mail Topic "Communism"

Listen to Greg Gory’s hilarious Hate Mail segment on communism

Scientists Say they may have Underestimated Fat Hatred. I say, "Yup!"

Wow, what a week.  On the one hand I got a nice mention in Women’s Health magazine.  On the other hand, a rabid group of haters found my YouTube channel and I’ve spent the week combing through literally thousands of very hateful and unbelievably stupid comments to see if I could post any of them on the site.  626 more words

How Mentioning the word "Occupation" Sent Secret Tel Aviv into Mayhem and Panic

So, earlier this evening, as I was twiddling around Facebook, I had the idea of posting in Secret Tel Aviv, a Facebook group of 41,000+, mostly anglo-Jewish folks living in the Tel Aviv area. 496 more words

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