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Yik Yak: We pay the highest price for a free app

A new application has taken over college campuses Nationwide. If you don’t have it you’ve heard about it. It’s called Yik Yak and it’s the most anti-social social media app on the market. 394 more words


Public schools' infection of Christian children

The only way to protect your children from “public school culture” is not to put them in the public schools. If you think you can protect them from gender coaches, “King and King,” and subtler messages like “The Bible is hate speech” and “Communism has a lot of good ideas” by having a nice, civil chin-wag with a teacher or a principal who’s going to think you’re just another homophobic Christian moron—well, you really need to think again.

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My friend took this at his university. I can’t even believe this is the third case of hate speech vandalism and how many people this effects. I’m speechless.


Weaponized Speech

Power Abuse

By Marc Salomon
January 27, 2015
Counter Punch, January 26, 2015

While the ideal of unfettered free speech is held as sacrosanct in most of “the west,” there are certain utterances that should not be communicated publically. 1,048 more words


That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

Today I unfriended someone who was never a friend. I never knew Sue, have never met her face to face. We just have several mutual facebook “friends”. 734 more words

Down Syndrome In The News

Racism and The Rush

Hockey is a new sport for many of South Dakota’s Native American children. On January 24, 2015 a group of 10-13 year old children were excited to have their first experience at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. 643 more words

Matt Barber Calls Same-Sex Marriage "Evil" and "Satanic"

In another hate-filled, anti-gay rant by Matt Barber at Townhall.com, Barber attempts to…educate his readers on why marriage equality is most likely the work of the Devil: 506 more words

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