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FTAC - Ferguson - Post-Soviet Communist Manipulation

The looters are criminals operating under the cover of a political cause, which is not unlike what kleptocrats are doing when they promote anti-Semitism throughout their states. 759 more words


The Potential Menace of Islamist Politics

For a long time, I have held this rather well meaning but terrible belief that Islamist or religious parties should participate in democracy. Now I must say that I realize the gravity of such disastrous ideas. 651 more words


Red & Yellow, Black & White

My friends who are of different ethnicities, races, religions, etc. than me know how much I love them! So before anybody goes hating on me for this post, please remember that, & read the whole thing. 623 more words

Living Life Online

You Do Not Exist

The idea for this post has been rattling around inside of my head for months. It started with an article that slide down my Facebook feed, it said something like, if your high school friends are unfriending you on Facebook maybe you post too many political opinions. 1,823 more words


Joan McAlpine MSP: Ignorant or hypocrite? You decide

Dynamic charity, ENABLE Scotland, has launched a campaign against the type of prejudicial words which can encourage cruel and mindless hate crime against people with learning disabilities. 1,110 more words


Why Censoring Speech Creates Extremists And Causes Atrocities Instead Of Stopping Them

In the 1920s, the National Socialist German Workers Party was banned by the government of Weimar Germany. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the Nazis were  4,675 more words

Daily Links -- November 19th

Mark Steyn describing the problems with “hate speech” and the naivete of people who think they should be able to police it. I’ve certainly thought and probably said out loud things similar to what this Traynor guy is saying, but the idea of “unambiguously destructive, hateful speech” and more difficult, who gets to determine this designation, seems designed for even more developed Orwellian places than we currently inhabit. 692 more words

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