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Breaking Down Hate Speech (9-12)

This lesson plan exists to bring the topic of hate speech into the classroom. Hate speech is a term relating to literature, whether oral or written, meant to intentionally insult, degrade, and bring down a person’s well being. 498 more words

Post-Racial America and the Rev. Al Sharpton

Post Racial America Alert


I have read and heard a lot of Criticism of Rev. Al Sharpton from the Left and right..But, i must say at least, he’s the one that the family invited to the funeral on Monday, (of Michael Brown) in Missouri. 315 more words

Pollice Militarism

Conservatives kick-start government's $1 million #Truthy 'misinformation' database

Anyone nostalgic for┬áthe Obama campaign’s “Attack Watch” project will be heartened to know that the federal government plans to spend $1 million to create a “Truthy” database that will track “false and misleading ideas” on social media. 536 more words

Social Media

Rioting For Sport: Is Ferguson The New American Way?

I have heard a lot of racism involved on social media about the issues in Ferguson which affect all of America. I want to be fair and say the racism is coming from both sides sometimes, but one of the enduring things I hear is “One small thing happens and ‘they’ riot!” Of course by “they”, these racists mean black people; many of them admit that openly. 860 more words


Hate Speech in China; My Self Esteem Crashed!

Excited for the upcoming first day as a foreign teacher in China, I couldn’t sleep the night before. My whole being was captured by the thought of creating a first day beautiful impression. 954 more words