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New First Amendment: You Can Only Say What We Let You

The FCC has long been at the heart of the First Amendment battle, and now they may consider arbitrarily ruling that some words are indecent and therefore can no longer be uttered or talked about on air if the broadcasters in question want to not be fines or even worse keep their license to broadcast. 767 more words


I DONT want to meet Jayne

Hey everyone.

Ok so for those of you who don’t know what is going on, there is a woman named Jayne on Facebook. She has started several groups basically spreading hate speech about people who are tattooed and that do tattooing as a living. 1,577 more words

Russell Tribunal Extraordinary Session on Gaza: "Risk of the Crime of Genocide Being Perpetrated"

Previous sessions of the RToP have established that the Israeli state is implementing an apartheid system based on the dominance of Israeli Jews over Palestinians. Beyond the prolonged siege and collective punishment of the Palestinians of Gaza, the ongoing settlement project in the West Bank, and the now regular massive military assaults on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, one must add the increase in aggravated racist hate speech.

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Israel Genocide

The Next Generation

In September we brought over one thousand first year students (commonly called freshMEN at some institutions) to new student orientation.  I am part of a team of folks who teach the students about sexual violence, alcohol and diversity.   529 more words

A Call for Nonprofit Social Media. Or, How to Maintain Free Speech in the Digital Environment

I am currently trying to  learn a little bit about hate speech laws and how they are applied in the digital environment.  My main reference here is a great introductory book on the laws that govern new media by Ashley Packard, entitled… 1,565 more words

Technology Policy

Ignorance, bigotry and hate speech of the secular

This was published by the York Dispatch, York Pa. on September 25, 2014:

OP-ED: Shame on Kreutz Creek Elementary
Posted: 09/25/2014 09:48:51 AM EDT… 1,068 more words