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In defense of "pitbulls" and "PCAC"

It is election season, and punches are being thrown in every direction. One of the more controversial Propositions on the ballot here in Pima County, is 415 – which would provide sorely needed funds to update the only open admission shelter in Pima County. 746 more words

The Vitriolic War Between Gamergate and Feminists

“Are you kidding me?”

People are starting to notice a disturbing movement taking shape on the internet and within the gaming community that is inherently tied to a greater war against women in our general culture. 1,986 more words

Felicia Day

Conservatives mulling legislation making it illegal to condone terrorist acts online

OTTAWA — The Conservatives are understood to be considering new legislation that would make it an offence to condone terrorist acts online.

There is frustration in government, and among law enforcement agencies, that the authorities can’t detain or arrest people who express sympathy for atrocities committed overseas and who may pose a threat to public safety, one Conservative MP said. 493 more words


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Giving up our civil liberties in fear of rare events with low fatalities is handing those who would harm us effectively hand them their victory medal. Committing to more time, attention and funds into social and mental health services to prevent these sorts of events from happening in the first place would be a more effective preventative measure. Using legislation in an adversarial fashion only harms citizens, leaving them open to violations from their own government as opposed to an anti-government or terrorist body.

Feminism, the First Amendment, and #Gamergate

by Annelise Dominguez

This past August, the Internet erupted when Anita Sarkeesian, a media critic, was threatened with mutilation, rape, and other physical harm in response to her video web series criticizing the sexist implications of the way in which women are portrayed in video games. 863 more words

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The Philosophy Chronicles: Hate Speech & the N-word

Okay, so I decided to name this blog series the Philosophy Chronicles because of the endless amount of stories I have from this one class. Haha. 1,537 more words