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Academic freedom for me, but not for thee

by Rick Moran,  American Thinker

Two interesting examples of “academic freedom” – at least how it’s defined by leftist universities. 129 more words


GamerGate Harassment Of Zoe Quinn Stoops To New Low

GamerGate has not bottomed out quite yet. The pent-up rage of a group of disenfranchised misogynists has found a new digital outlet for harassing one of their targets, games developer Zoe Quinn, in the form of Amazon Kindle e-books. 518 more words


My support of free speech

I support free speech even defamation and lies. Why? Well who is to define it? I think all free people need to accept peoples right to say what they want to. 90 more words

Galesmind Fables

On Free Speech

Trigger Warning: Hate Speech, Abuse

To make the introduction short, I’m sick and tired of people screaming “Free Speech!” when you call them out for abuse or hate speech. 483 more words


Four leftist women commit a hate crime against a Muslim conservative

The story is a bit complicated. Basically, a Muslim conservative wrote a satire of all the grievance-mongering at his university. Not only did the liberal campus newspaper go after him, but 4 leftist women also vandalized his dorm room. 1,236 more words


Modi warns party MPs to stop hate-speech

NEW DELHI: In a bid to control negative fallout from recent hate speeches, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday warned BJP parliamentarians not to cross the ‘laxman rekha’ while airing their views. 168 more words