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Angers a Waste

The look in your eye

Anger’s painting your face

Your stance is strong, intimidating,

With a presence of disgrace.

You’re unhappy I see

There’s no use in pretending… 473 more words

Artists 4 Peace

Freeing self and society

Emerging awareness of various social gender, sexuality and identity experience is disturbing to some. Rich complexity in this area has always been with us, but unavowed: “it will not do” was the voice of polite society.



“… I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you, you wreck me”

803 more words

the walls

bruised silence
by those words
those little helicopters
cruising around
cutting it
w/their rotors;
quietly wept,
in the corner
of the two crumbling walls… 29 more words


Controversy and hatred are not the same thing

The internet is a fantastic hive of information. What was once only the refuge of the young, the adept and the forward thinking has now become accessible to all. 703 more words

Late night: A poem

Where art thou Soul Mate?
For whom I’ve waited and saved myself for…?
Who’s grip upon my throat making air no more.
It’s you I hate. 30 more words


Being neutral is pretty damn difficult. i have my view and i do try to see their side but at a certain extent it just exhausting trying to maintain a the middle view when you’re being nudged from both sides. 286 more words