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I think what scares me the most when I walk into this coffee shop is not that I will run into you, its that I might not see you here. 143 more words

UpStairs 1973

Right or wrong

All that I know is

Stumble humble love

You’d be my Louis

And when it’s time to burn

I’ll come for you


Forgiveness Sets The Heart Free

So today I was in the car with my driving instructor and he was telling me a very personal story. He is a retired police officer. 579 more words


Well today the papers were submitted into the court system. From here, basically we have to take a parenting class and then in about 60 days all of this is over. 1,019 more words


It throws me off guard, how close strangers can get.

I regret to inform you, this wound is still fresh, still new,


Before you jump to conclusions, this is me talking in riddles, 115 more words



Behind the noise and the loud smoking and pouring of cups, I heard the breath of a dove. In a race with age and experience; leading is the rest of the pack though she’s miles back. 195 more words



I lay my head down to rest and smell the scent of fresh tobacco on you’re rough palm skin. You bite your lips and suck in your breath with no regrets, just searing desire. 62 more words