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It’s all I have left.

I’m a shell of the person I used to be. The girl who would always land on her feet is gone. 472 more words


If you snooze you lose...

You visit me and fall asleep,

whose company is mine to keep?

Our conversation doesn’t flow.

How are we supposed to grow?

Your free time’s spent at other places, 42 more words


People Change or their Priorities? Issue that never have a Solution.

I am seeing this from a long time , people do make changes in their life but they concentrate less on how others will feel when they will take that decision. 445 more words


For Whom We Cry: Why I Dislike Hate of The Ice Bucket Challenge

A few weeks ago people started dumping ice on their heads to spread awareness for ALS and to encourage people to donate to fund research to combat this terrible disease. 878 more words



Paige Livre was the worst person I know. I knew her well enough and I can boldly say this. Paige was a selfish girl. She always thought about herself and contemplated on whether someone was worth her time.

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Jeyna Grace


Being nice doesn’t mean you have to like everyone all the time
Being good doesn’t mean your mores have to match those of old texts… 74 more words