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Bruises, Scars and A Broken Heart

Where do broken hearts go? Sometimes, the things of your past can have a hold on who you are today. I say sometimes for a reason, and I will speak later in my blog about this reason. 406 more words


What is it with you? I am sick of it all! Who gives the right to judge me when you make no effort to get to know me at all? 440 more words

Facebook can't keep the Fat Shaming Pages away

Just a few hours ago I read an Article about Facebook “not having” Fat shaming hate filled pages such as the one titled “530 fatties”…well It just joined 2 hours ago AGAIN…it has only garnered a mere 41 likes in 2 hours…This seems to be a “fake” 530 account because it’s description is  240 more words



Sometimes I sit and stew on things I can’t change.  Sometimes I sit and I wonder at the why of everything.  So much broken and not enough tools to keep things maintained society is going down the drain.  132 more words


I warned them.

I told them.

I told them not to fall in love with me.

I told them I carried too much package.

I warned them of the wreck that I am. 66 more words

Everyday Things

Stop breathing.

Do you know what it feels like for your family to think you’re arrogant.

Every comment I say they remark with a sarcastic reply.

They think I don’t see past their masks, 101 more words

Everyday Things