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Ellen Barkin Hates Me

If someone disagrees with you, that is not hate. But, if someone disagrees with you and you want that person dead, that is hate. Ellen Barkin is a hater. 788 more words


Educate. Encourage. Sympathize. Uplift. Inspire. Care. Love.

After the decision was made last night, social media was almost unbearable. It was literally saddening to see the things that I saw on my timelines and news feeds. 1,004 more words

“…You see all around you people engaged in making others live lives which are not their own while they themselves care nothing for their own real lives — men who hate life though they fear death.” (William Morris, News from Nowhere, 1890)



In the storm following the decision by the grand jury… which came in the wake of the shooting of a black youth by a white police officer… which was the result of a confrontation between the two… that came about because of… who can say exactly why? 355 more words

Questions And Answers

Shane Koyczan- Poetry and animation

This poetry is amazing and I grew up being bullied and I can relate to the video. I hate that bullying still exists and this poetry shows bullying in the most honest way I have ever seen. 63 more words


Rain down

Grief rain down upon the earth
Mourn for its sons and daughters
Lost to the blindness of sighted foes
Who fire in fear and rage? 48 more words


For Michael...

For Michael…

Shots fired
A young boy
The decision given
Hearts broken
Souls rendered
Deep in pain
The crowd protests
Until… 80 more words