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A Republican Religious Right World - The Poor Bowing Down To The Rich' Edition - 'Fischer: The Poor 'Ought To Be Kissing The Ground' Upon Which The Rich Walk

‘On yesterday’s radio broadcast, Bryan Fischer read from a recent Wall Street Journal article reporting that the top 1% of Americans account for nearly 30% of all federal tax revenue’. 78 more words


Accuracy of a Homeless Jesus

Maybe it’s because Easter Just around the corner, but I’ve done a lot of thinking about homeless Jesus.

While I may not be the biggest fan of Christianity, I do admire Jesus. 911 more words


Devil Child

Today’s post is going to be different than my usual of sharing resources and teaching techniques. It’s about that child we’ve all encountered or seen before. 663 more words

"All it takes is one good guy with a gun...." - 'Gun Nuts Take The Insanity A Step Further, Call For A ‘Shot Heard Around The U.S.’ Day'

Shooting a weapon without knowing where the bullet goes (target) is NOT exercising your 2nd Amendment rights.

It’s endangering the public.

Doubtful it’ll happen in my neighborhood, no teabaggers, but if it does in your neighborhood, call the police. 209 more words


P is for Pain

Her world had been divided; conservatives and radicals. She was one of the oppressed, she was a radical, poor and abused.  Her colony had no money, so they had to work for them conservatives. 338 more words


To fall in love is so easy. Why is it so difficult to fall out of love?

So many discussions, tears, fights, fears…. I don’t want to hurt the person I’ve been with, because it’s not that there is no feeling. I’m so confused. 2,080 more words


Unfixable - Tessa Bailey


He’s the last thing she wants…but the only thing she needs.

Willa Peet isn’t interested in love. She’s been there, done that, and has the shattered heart to prove it. 1,164 more words