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I feel abandoned

As if I was hit by a train 

But the conductor didn’t care one bit

He laughed at my pain

Every time I think of you… 214 more words


I just wanted to be loved the way every other girl wants to be


I wanted somebody to be there the way I was always there for them… 145 more words

Dill vs. Parsley

This seems to be the week for unreasonable rants. The response I’ve gotten thus far to my tirade that mint chocolate chip ice cream should be white… 554 more words


A Christian's Plea to the Westboro Baptist Church

To all members of the Westboro Baptist Church,

No, I’m not writing to swear about your extremism and write off your social views with colourful adjectives, as countless others have done. 889 more words


I Wish I Shouldn't Let Her Go

I wish I had hold her hand
The day I let her go
I should Took her in my emrace
And made her remind the promises… 130 more words



okay, so i know it’s been awhile since i posted anything. things are going okay. i started the last semester of my associate’s degree yesterday, and a guy hit on me today. 984 more words