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ratpag's EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Enemy

ratpag is a democracy or a republic.  And as a democracy/republic, we feel that it’s important to get to know what the other side is thinking so that one can know where to attack and where to prepare one’s defenses for a long, drawn-out battle of ideologies. 654 more words

Ratpag Observes

Confronting Conflict: Gaza & Israel

Opinion based on three weeks of fighting born from decades of conflict. I am referring to the current state of affairs between Israel and Gaza, has silence ever been so deafening? 695 more words


Hate & Violence

Hate & Violence in the name of Religion is the greatest insult to Humanity & God

Bindya Singh

Devotion of The Day: Love or Hate

Love or Hate

Proverbs 10:12 (NKJV) Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.

Why should we choose love instead of hate? Hated can lead to situations with conflicts whilst love does not cause these problems. 27 more words

Devotion Of The Day

BitterSweet LOVE

♪♫ Why do we always hurt the ones we love. Why? ♫♪

A line from a song that always plays in my mind whenever I felt a sudden sting of loneliness within me. 338 more words


Food with a side of thinking...

Does the idea of being culturally equipped outweigh the sincere character of a person? I mean, think about it, whether it’d be a from a religious, regional, or social stand point- does it ever affect the way people see other individuals? 330 more words