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What hate has to give...

I hate u for leaving me alone…
For keeping me in nightmares of no return…

I hate u for making my nights so cold…
For basking me in memories of things I wish were still…. 113 more words


I genuinely hate when people lie, white lies … Okay I’ll let it slide but when you have to lie about a lie it just grinds me gears! 287 more words

The truth behind it all

This tattoo represents what my girlfriend had. She was diagnosed with with stage 3b Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on October 25, 2013. She was 17 years old. This was 5 days after our 2 year anniversary. 1,977 more words


Waiting on hate

Everything has been seen under this somber sun, the rains have poured by the gallons on top of this home.
Unstable from the beating,
Up kept only by writings on its walls. 49 more words


I Hate This World

I have a problem. I always see the negative in things. In people. In situations. Everywhere.
I can’t help this, can I?
Prejudice. Discrimination. Hate. Bitterness. 260 more words



i hate
that what we call society
i will
not give apologies
for my
disgust of humanity
this is
my entirety
swells inside of me… 43 more words

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Drunk Conversations: "Things That I Hate" #YouTube

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