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The high dive, or how I learned to hate

I always yearned to go swimming at the rec pool.

They had a high dive. I loved the high dive. The terror and anticipation of standing on that unsteady edge, trembling, realizing all-over-again-for-the-first-time that it looks… 643 more words

Creating Change

Sometimes I need to be Stronger

I don’t feel myself on the world like everyone else,

A distant future holds me tight.

No one really understands what I think, what I am, what I’m trying to do.

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Pensamentos, Poemas, Rimas, Músicas.

Humanity at its finest

 I am not keen on the mathematics of life. What I love remains loved. What I hate remains loved by somebody. And, if that somebody isn’t me, then the joy belongs to the unloved. 153 more words


I am a Rock

First things first….

Please watch this…

Simon & Garfunkel “I Am A Rock” originally release August, 1965 Rec-recorded and included later on their “Sound Of Silence” album, January, 1966… 1,202 more words


Returning Quietly To Myself

Returning quietly to myself
In need of refocusing my intent
Bringing it all back home
No longer confusing what I meant
Their minds withering
Foolishly exposed out on the vine… 13 more words


The theory of moving on

My maternal grandmother always has one complaint from me, that I do not call her enough. And quite honestly, I do not have a legitimate excuse for not calling. 776 more words


Wishes in the Blood Stream

I could feel the blood rush into my teeth and lips as I read her love confession for a man other than my self. All I could think about are two wishes. 168 more words