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Winter Break and Goodbye Girl Drama for 3 Whole WEEKS!

I can officially say, I passed the most DIFFICULT semester in —– program (Not going to reveal what I am studying yet, in case my classmates finds my blog.. 981 more words


Celebrity Buzz: Whoopi, Rosie in shouting match over racism on 'The View' | WJLA.com

I agree with both of them! Racism exists, but people do scream racism at just about everything. Racism is still an issue for African Americans, but hate has expanded to all cultures by ignorant people! 123 more words

Family(Bio And Step)

My life before I knew God

” You will search for me and you will not find me” and “Where I am, you cannot come.”

I am a Single Mom, have a broken relationship for almost my life.

434 more words
Change By HIM

Jonru dan orang sejenisnya mengidap Tall Poppy Syndrome - Haters and Trolls on the Internet

Sudah kenal Jonru?

Ya dia adalah orang suka menjelek-jelekan bahkan memfitnah Presiden Joko Widodo ataupun orang disekitarnya. Sebenarnya Jonru tidak sendiri ada orang-orang yang sejenis. Mereka memperlihatkan kebencian yang mendarah daging, dan sering mengungkapkan argumen yang tidak menggunakan akal sehat. 306 more words

Public Sphere

Yours truly

I wanted to make this a poem, but somehow I can’t bring myself to put it nicely. This is what I have to say.

To the voice in my head, 230 more words


Clap Back....

You can forget what a alleged Sony hater got to say, Kevin Hart eloquently claps back: http://bet.us/1qFNAhf

Celeb Gossip

We need poetry about hazel and brown eyes

So just because no one ever seems to appreciate those wonderful brown eyes most of the human population is rocking I wrote these:

Lovely Poison BY Atieno M… 65 more words

General Rants