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I'm a Hater (part 2)

Understand that the best revenge against your enemies is to live a successful and happy life. Want to get even with someone who tried to destroy you? 28 more words


Anywhere, USA–(Rooters) An unofficial report has been leaked revealing that after studying human interaction for generations, most conflicts started from one thing: the eyeroll.  Yes, in private homes, cafes, and even workplaces across America, emotional sensor cameras have picked up elevated levels of annoyance, hate, and envy–even when not verbalized. 1,166 more words

I'm a Hater

Step one

Realize that the hate you feel toward your adversary does not harm him or her in the way that you want. “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy.” 10 more words

Thanks, Punkin!

I’ve already seen a lot of hateful comments come through moderation, less than 24 hours after Freshly Pressed featured my post. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and THANK YOU HATERS! 22 more words


Entertainment Report: Ice Cube Vents About MTV Movie Awards

Sorry Ice Cube…but “Best On-screen Duo” goes to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. Ice Cube vented about his loss by saying “we got robbed…Shame on you MTV!” HATERRR! 87 more words


An Unconventional list of "Types Of Friends": The Unpleasant Ones

In my short existence, I’ve called many people friends. It took me a while to identify their true intentions. This is the list I came up with: 581 more words

They'll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.

Everyday we go throughout our lives and we have many different types of people surrounding us. We must always beware of people because they may act one way to our face and another behind our back. 288 more words