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Shake It Off and Rise Up!

One of my favorite stories is the one about an old mule. This old mule had accidentally fallen into a farmer’s old well. When the farmer discovered the situation, he had a difficult decision to make. 305 more words

bless your haters

Do you ever feel that you are good-ed out? You’ve worked and talked and tried so hard to help others out, and the tank is getting empty? 478 more words


Book Review: Hater by David Moody

Book Review: Hater by David Moody

As those of you who follow me on Twitter will already know this week I went to my first ever book club. 1,092 more words


Capo - Erzähl ma' / Hater (2013)

I know trap isn’t a new thing in America but in Germany it took us quite some time to get it right. So let me show you the German Drake: Capo. 667 more words


Mori el colauisme

Nota abans de començar: he triat aquest títol perquè em recorda al lema de mori el mal govern que cantaven els absolutistes durant la Guerra dels Malcontents.

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Ada Colau