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SOCIAL : Why Someone Hates You For No Reason ?

This is based on my own experience facing certain unpredictable people in my social circle, born and grew up as a ”reasonable rebel” the immature me will react like a total bitch everytime someone try to distrub my peaceful life, Why ?   620 more words

Advice For Haters

Haters Gonna Hate

No human being in this world enjoys being disliked— and while some individuals will tell you otherwise, surely to God they must be liars. That is why many people feel there is a benefit to doing nothing. 189 more words

My Thoughts


people call me a brony, BTW I’m spider-man and flutter shy is meant to be applejack

Comic Neue Is The New Comic Sans Because Haters Gonna Hate

In a world already filled with hate, few things enrage people more than fonts. People don’t like Comic Sans for all the reasons the internet likes to make fun of, and one graphic designer aims to change that. 128 more words



But really… Ha! (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)


Please Let This LeBron James Rap Song Be A Really Bad April Fool's Day Joke

We’ve known for a while that LeBron James has been flirting with adding rap star to his portfolio, as he has shown off his rhyming skills, or rather his fondness for hip hop karaoke, in the club. 544 more words