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"Keep Running, Faggot!"

Short one tonight.

Most of the time when I run, it’s either in the dark of the wee hours or it’s off the beaten path away from traffic.   729 more words


Season 3, Episode 7: My completely random and unreasearched (also probably unwanted) opinion on adults reading YA lit


I feel compelled to get in on this debate about whether or not adults should be reading young adult books. As an avid reader of YA books since the early 1990s (you know, when I was actually the target audience for these books), I feel I’m in a completely un-unique position to offer my (unsolicited) opinion on this matter (as others have done. 203 more words

La Vie

Still Hatin'

Thomas did something incredibly stupid, so I threatened his life. For some reason, he wasn’t taking my threats too seriously, so I told him,
“Thomas, I hope you have fun sleeping tonight. 76 more words

Haters Gonna...(Part 1)

You finished it in your brain. You did. I don’t even need to insert the last, four letter word that starts with h and ends with e. 1,506 more words


"Haters gonna hate"...

Can there be a line any more moronic than “haters gonna hate!”?

Maybe yolo.

But that’s about it.

It’s pathetic how when I say ANYTHING bad about a popular anime, people have to jump at me with a knife to my throat. 130 more words

Six months til...


Haters gonna hate but November 1-January 1 are arguably my most favorite time of year.

I know I shouldn’t rush winter considering it’s 56 degrees right now on JUNE 25, but thinking about Christmas makes me happy. 146 more words

Day 17 (v.4)


- 90s candy party! It was so summery out and I spontaneously wondered to myself “do they still make stick versions of Jolly Ranchers? I could totally go for one of those right now.” So I hit up… 573 more words

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