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Go Ahead, Defriend Me On Facebook. I Was Thinking Of Doing It To You, Anyway

Go ahead. Defriend me on Facebook.

I was thinking of going through and defriending everyone connected to South Korea, anyway. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. 39 more words


This Summer Had Such Potential To Be Fun-Interesting

I thought we might have something really cool on our hands with the Daquan Meme.

But now….things are looking extremely meh.

My life, personally, continues to careen out of control. 287 more words


Cilantro, the controversial herb #haters

An Ode to Cilantro

Cilantro, oh how I love your tiny green leaves.

Each bite, bliss…

Your scent reminds me of summer,

Mexican salsa, limes. 439 more words

Guys, Things Are Really Bad For Me Now

My life sucks right now.

Really bad.

I barely have a job and everyone around me is mad at me for various reasons. So, trust me, even though you can’t exact your revenge directly by beating the shit out of me, I’m not exactly doing so great right now. 229 more words


If everyone likes you-there's a problem

I have friend who is obsessed with making sure everyone likes her. She’ll do something and get a bunch of people mad, and then she’ll call each person up and make sure they aren’t still upset with her. 344 more words

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