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Daily Life Motivation #1 The Crystal Staircase

This is a good video about motivation and going after dreams and desires. Enjoy.

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Rest Day Randoms

I feel like a change is coming in my life… I don’t know exactly what, but it feels like riding a roller coaster. You know that first hill, you’re steady going up, up, up and the anticipation is just killing you! 470 more words


26.08.14 - Why, Thank You?

Backhanded compliments can be just about the worst thing ever. Especially if they are finely crafted to begin with. The ones that are so well created by the people who are very manipulative can take on a sort of evolutionary phase. 367 more words


How To Shut Down Adult Bullies Like a Boss

Ok so, you’re thinking: How can an adult get bullied? Trust me, adult bullies exist and sometimes it can be hard to stand up to them. 706 more words

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Don't let our haters affect us

Vo Yo: H.A.T.E.R.S

A lot of haters have came on Dark Warriors chat recently. They do not effect us at all, and will be ignored and perm banned immediately. 109 more words

Dark Warriors

Just Believe

The Nike Corporation has a very unique slogan that’s known worldwide. “Nike Just Do It”. Hopefully my slogan will garner the same attention? “Just Believe”. We all have an opportunity to be blessed by the people were connected to. 154 more words

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