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What to do when you have haters? Ignore them. Haters are people who want something you have weather it be a job, a person you with, your personality, your looks etc. 59 more words

Legends (Cobb)

The universally disliked
taciturn facade implied:
Inquire within
at your own peril.
There is a fierceness
an anger and passion
that will push a mind… 44 more words


Love the Haters

A few days ago, a buddy of mine told me something that happened at his lunch table. A freshman said he was going to the weight room and a senior said “What, are you Luke Reiner?” He said, “No, but he’s a great role model.” Everyone laughed. 138 more words

Haters Gonna Hate

Hello My Beautiful People! Its me Tabia. How are You all doing today? I hope you’re feeling fabulous! Now every single person has a hater. Someone who has a goal to take you down. 357 more words

I Creep Facebook And So Do You

(This is a first attempt at writing a non-pop culture related short story kinda thing. If this doesn’t interest you, you can stop reading now.) 1,781 more words


500 huh?

He said multiply it by 100 and then you’ll get my stats.

And when she asked, she was to laugh

23 bigger than 500. Huh?

My Walk To My Heart.