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Wanna be successful? Make some haters..!

If you want to become very successful, you have to have haters around you!

First of all, people around you, who apparently are your friends, they want that you would do good, but not better than them. 382 more words


Let no one steal your joy Sunday, especially negative people!

Is it me or have you noticed that when someone is trying or putting you down, there’s always someone who’s cheering them on? I call these people the Amen corner. 282 more words


How would you handle this?

Some of you know that I have taken a break from Facebook and I’ve been blogging more and expressing my thoughts here on WordPress. Every now and again I’ll pop on Facebook for a few minutes, but not LIVE on it like I have been lately. 331 more words


D.A. and Ice Cream

Here’s a link to an article about a D.A. in Northern California who is giving away Ice Cream donated by Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream to people who turn in violent video games. 6 more words

Video Games


My grandmother used to say that if you ever came across a grasshopper, to make sure not to step on it, nor kill it because it meant that you still had hope for your dreams. 467 more words


Sketchy: Ariel and My Guilt Complex

I did some quick drawings of sketches done of Ariel. Not as good as the originals, but I’m still happy.

Which do you prefer? The second is less like Ariel in the movie, but it is a cute rendition of her. 462 more words



I don’t think our ancestors would have predicted that in 2014, a day-to-day problem people deal with is internet haters.

If you follow me on… 678 more words