5 top symbols in Tarot

I thought I would look at some of my favourite signs / pictures / symbols in the RWS Tarot cards today. There is no preference or significance to the order in which I place them and I know there are a lot more. 478 more words



This is an older article I wrote when I first started researching Ancient Egypt in 2012.

Hathor, or Het-Hert, is the Kemetic deity associated with joy, music, love, motherhood, the underworld and a number of other aspects of life. 1,235 more words

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Goddess Hathor: Mother of the Universe

Mother of the Moon and Sister of the Sun.  It is so clear that our collective thoughts turn to Mother Hathor during this time of Winter Solstice, the birth of Jesus and the new year. 1,684 more words


embodiment femininity, love and the joy of motherhood, Goddess of the Underworld, and of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility(helped women in childbirth)
the patron goddess of miners… 102 more words


6 Days Until Christmas!

Hathor, Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, joy and motherhood

Hathor is one of the most important deities in the history of Ancient Egypt. She is depicted as “Mistress of the West”, welcoming the dead into the next life. 79 more words


Ostara's Magickal Yule! A Christmas for ALL!

 Blessed Yule & Winter Solstice everyone!

Well, as you know I am the mother of four beautiful children! Each of my darlings have wonderful and unique abilities and gifts, and though, they can be a bit of a handful I love them to LIFE!  844 more words


Isis in Ancient Egypt: A Winged Snake with Hathoric Crown.

There is always news about artifacts of Ancient Egypt. Now it is the turn of the coffin of “Denit-Ast”. It dates from the Persian Period and it is in the Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum. 123 more words