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Do We Really Want Justice?

Over the last several days I have read and listen to a lot of rhetoric about Ferguson. Some of it moved me, some of it didn’t. 586 more words


Westboro Baptist Church only joking; just wanted you guys to stop fighting and make up

Professional crazies the Westboro Baptist Church today released a statement claiming that their tireless campaign of overt homophobia, hatred and googly eyed insanity was all just a big joke and they did it because you guys just wouldn’t stop fighting. 196 more words


Trust Issues

Every day expect the unexpected

Everyday expect to be rejected

By things you never even suspected

By people, that you care about, love, desire, and admire. 290 more words


The Ferguson Shootings

Rioters in the streets.  Looting, hatred, and distrust between fellow members of society.  That is what’s wrong with this country.  That is what’s wrong with this situation.   223 more words

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Why I Haven't Killed Myself

There’s this crazy idea I have in my head. Y’know, not just the “it gets better” tripe, but the idea that I’ll get away from here soon enough and form a real life for myself. 425 more words

Fundamentalist Christian

Rob Ellis' Ode To Cowboys Hate

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Why do you hate the Cowboys?

Every Philadelphian has their own unique answer, but most importantly, we’re born with it. 481 more words

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