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To those of you who made me hate . . .beware.


Why Pat Condell Supports Israel

Just a video commentary on the differences between Israel and her neighbors – from a someone who makes sense to me.

One of his many points: you don’t find any Jews or Christians who would be happy to see their children martyr themselves in a suicide bombing against their enemies.  187 more words


HATRED Gameplay Trailer

Remember Postal ? Well “Hatred” is the same kind of game. The kind that is really, REALLY not suited for everyone… ✓ Follow us on Twitter ➨ http://twitter.com/gamenewstrailer HATRED…

GamerGate and "Hatred" are the Ultimate Powder Keg

I will not summarize GamerGate here today – it’s labyrinthine, prickly, and has been going on long enough that one could call it a “saga”. The best write-ups I have found on the subject have been… 904 more words


How Bitching Ruins Games (And Why You Should Play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel)

(Editor’s Note: all picture captions will be provided by special guest co-author Mister Torgue, the President of the Torgue Corporation)

As I’ve written about before, I think most video games are… 806 more words

Nerd Stuff

Episode 40: Giant Size GLR #2

Like it or not, Metallica is possibly the biggest, most influential heavy metal bands of all time. Because of this, Blizzcon attendees collectively lost their shit when they found out that Metallica would be melting their faces off on November 8th. 50 more words



lets play twenty questions

sanity inception

you’re giving me

platitudes aplenty

and I’m down on my luck and sick of you fucks

who get paid to suck and take your time… 110 more words