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The Division

I doubt that it is possible for man to understand the things I am about to say.  For he will perceive through his own understanding.  And the understanding of man is filtered through greedy desire. 597 more words



“The smallest coffins are the heaviest.”

I just found out today that the youngest of the victims in the Peshawer attack was a five year old girl, that was shot in the head at a point blank range.

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Video games can(not) cause violence

With the recent controversy over Hatred, a game about a nameless trenchcoat man going on a murderous rampage after being frustrated with the world, which got momentarily banned from Steam, sparked immense controversy over its violent trailer and caused lots of hysteria, I really wanted to think this one through. 832 more words

Fallen petals glide peacefully

Love rips the heart sharply

Pain erupts inside me

Answers swirl into oblivion

Snow falls like children dancing happily

Fallen petals cry… 10 more words


Love Elusive

If one could search for love of kind -
from ocean’s depth to narrow shore…
so rare a beauty as ever find
as though never searched before. 170 more words


Tales Of A Couple (2)


When you’ve been married six years and counting, there are some things you learn. Like the appropriate time to pretend you’re asleep.
She thinks I don’t know that she is avoiding our bed, she tries to be polite about it; pretending to have other things to attend to in other parts of the house just to avoid my touch. 1,063 more words


Lost, But Trying to Figure It out.

Figuring something crucial in your live can be really turbulent and filled with obstacles; I know I seem like have it all figured out but I am not, I still need help, advice, guidance, someone to tell me it is going to be all right… 791 more words