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Expectations too high?

Don’t get why in every parent’s eyes, the only thing they are concern about their child is their results. Like what? From the start till the end, everything they emphasis on is results results results. 81 more words


What Freedom of Speech Really Means

A wise woman once said to me, ” What other people think of you is none of your business.”

I always thought Freedom of Speech meant you could say whatever you wanted. 596 more words


Coulter Hates White Liberals

This week, in a beautifully titled column (“No Facts, No Peace”), Ann Coulter brought some much needed perspective to the turmoil taking place in Ferguson, Missouri… 444 more words

Where Hatred Thrives

Hatred is not a mechanism of strength.
Hatred is a force which can only survive in the minds of the defeated on their fall from grace.

- Travis the Traveler


Ferguson, MO: Far From Justice

The goal of a virtuous life is to become like God.

St. Gregory of Nyssa, in De Beatitudinibus

+ + +

Justice is one of the cardinal virtues.  

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In your Mysterious Love!!

What if i only wake up to see your eyes,
To only hear your voice,
To breathe your existence,
I never lie,
So i fall in your arms, 68 more words


People I Hate #781 (In A Series)

Who: Cookie Puss.

Why: What the hell’s he supposed to be? It’s like a space alien got nasty with a proboscis monkey. Look at him! He’s just freaky. 103 more words

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