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Whatever He Did, the LORD Made to Prosper

Whatever  He Did,  the LORD Made  to Prosper

We can all remember  a lot  of ups  and downs  in our lives.     There are times  things go amazingly well  for us  —  and other times  when things  are horribly wrong. 671 more words


The Quiet Colours of Despair

I went in search of peace
in the cast down temples
of older gods, finding in their
echoes of
my own stillness.
I nodded to the wind’s words… 144 more words

Verses Written In The Wind

Lost and pain...

I live in a house filled with sorrow these days. My roommate has his that he doesn’t talk much about. I have mine. That I don’t want at all. 433 more words

You have won. Are you happy now?

It’s midnight.
And this have been bothering me.
Honestly I feel that nowdays society influence are getting too much.
Like how we are dressed, even to our personality. 270 more words


"Israel is cancer that should be removed", Iranian writes to me

For the past many months an Iranian man (I’ll call him Mahmud) has been writing to me about Israel, Jews, Judaism, Islam, his country and the rest of the Muslim world. 389 more words


Release Me

Ever feel a self-loathing so strong…

You just wanna claw yourself out of your very own skin?

…Release me.


#1 - The Origin Post

Naturally, every story has a beginning, and the story of my growing hatred for my sister is no exception. I don’t remember a singular moment that ignited my loathing for her, but many small moments that caused disgust which added together until my dislike for her reached a new point – hatred. 455 more words