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Just Liking Review

Title: Just Liking                                                                         By: aquember

Original Source: SyFy’s Alice/Alice, 2009                  Character(s): Hatter & Alice

Rating: K+                                                                                      Genre(s): Romance

Chapter(s): 1                                                                                 Status: Complete

Author Synopsis: Drabble. Hatter contemplates his feelings for Alice. 549 more words


As less is more

I would if I could, I would just grab his arms and pull him to face me and kiss him…I would give my soul to him in that kiss and I would love him like nobody ever could…I would if I could.

I wish....

Sometimes when its so late in the night the night that its almost morning and I cannot muster up any sleep, I sit and think, that how wonderful would it be if i knew what we were and I knew what we weren’t. 278 more words

why The Hat, you say?

ah the lady asked about the Hat and a beautiful Lady was she….

‘I wear this Hat for all that have died to represent an art, a skill -if you will. 289 more words

Through The Rabbit Hole- Part 2

Second part of Through The Rabbit Hole  

Her avoidance did her nothing, because the Hatter was there, not pleased at all by her dismissal of his invitation for tea. 769 more words