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After effects of an afternoon

Although it had dawned upon me long time back, the same observation was also made by someone important recently; ‘I am not a people’s person’. To misquote hatter, I am not aware of the impact of my words and even if I don’t intend to, my words reek of arrogance. 246 more words

Hatter - Live

Okay so yeah, you can now purchase The Hatter is Mad in ebook format on Amazon. Alternately, you can click here and be taken straight to the book, or, alternately to that (see what I did there?) you can click the book on the right side of your screen. 106 more words

Fairy Tale

Running a Teashop

A few months ago I laid out a small sewing plan, and though I’ve worked on all of the projects, I’ve yet to post on most of them. 294 more words


I Found Some New Leads

This past weekend I recieved two emails inquiring about the Gibson/Gipson side of the family! both are through marriage that we have a common bond. 233 more words

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Revealing Private Label Mens Dark Mad Hatter Costume

Most of the times, the color of the sexy witch costume is black in color. There is no hard and fast rule that all the witch costumes need to be black; you can also wear any other… 299 more words


To love and to live in hope and to wake up in tremors

Many people think that hopeless romantics are the kindest and ‘softest’. I say, “No sir”. To love is to have a heart strong enough to crush rocks. 293 more words