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Why fear?

I lay on my bed with just the empty ceiling

I try so hard to figure out what  I fear.

Is it the passing of time? 190 more words

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Cemetery: Union Chapel Cemetery

Location: Inkster, Michigan, USA
Built: Unknown
Status: Still standing


Union Chapel Cemetery in Inkster, Michigan is haunted by a little girl named Mary Jane Walker, who was only nine years old when she died on January 6th, 1866. 34 more words


Personal Experience: Atascadero State Hospital

Location: Atascadero State Hospital, Atascadero, California, USA
Submitted By: Judy Bennett


This experience was reported by one of Ghostly World’s readers, and is based entirely on eyewitness testimony. 80 more words


Party Crasher

It wasn’t yours to take
Blame the moment,
The false feelings
Spurred on by alcohol’s encompassing warmth
You’ll blame even him
But never yourself.
It’s not the moment that haunts him… 18 more words


Restaurant: Adolph's Restaurant

Location: Santa Cruz, California, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – Present
Type: Chinese Restaurant
Status: Open


Around the turn of the century, Adolph’s Restaurant was the site of a murder that caused its paranormal activity. 45 more words