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How To Kill A Ghost

I want to disappear. I’ve had enough of being a ghost. I only feel like I’m haunting. Suicide doesn’t seem such a grotesque thought right now. 147 more words

Well, what did you expect?

sorry for the late post today!  I am very sleepy.

The Mihaljevci Vampire

The events supposedly happened in the village of Mihaljevci before the 1900s.
A man died a very violent death by felling of a wagon – he got his head caught under a wheel and died from a crushed skull. 200 more words


In Such Focus

“Tell me whom you haunt and I’ll tell you who you are.” – André Breton 17 more words


Research is Fun, but Sharing is Better

I have selfish reasons for this business – I love history and I love research! As fulfilling as intriguing research can be, I’ve found that it really needs to be shared for the best results. 596 more words