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Haiku #34

on the morning
of April 16 –
a haunt of snow

Dear Diary

Starting a story is as easy as everyone says it is, but keeping it going all the way to the end is the hard part, the part which makes everyone want to give up too early. 538 more words

The mystery of the Ouija board

The mystery of the Ouija board.

Find out my opinion of the mysterious Ouija board. Look into my thoughts, workings, principles and the methods with using one.


I Do Not Call This Art

I do not call this art
I’m alone drinking this swill
Trying to remember
By re-dipping my quill
No candles or anything
That evokes such class… 45 more words




My eyes suddenly opened early. I knew I already had 8 hours of sleep, but it seemed like I was still very tired. Aside from every part of my body hurts, my mind was also in furore. 324 more words

I Wish I Could Say Hey!

I wish I could say hey!
Thats my babe coming
Each time I see you coming down the street

I love you!
I love you! 209 more words

Disappear and Yet Be Seen: Glenn Ligon

In America’s self-obsessed culture it is always refreshing to see an artist who creates with an open acknowledgment to their own place in a larger history.   445 more words