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Remember how I mentioned a few blog posts back that my husband and I are building a haunted attraction? First, let’s start with getting a show of hands for who likes things like scary movies? 369 more words


Subliminal Scribble 211

Those visions, they haunt me, they taunt and chill my soul to it’s core.

I’ve evolved to keeping my eyes wide open so my mind may focus… 58 more words


Subliminal Scribble 168

Every night they haunt me.

I can never find release.

Though my eyes are tightly shut,

I see their appearance bolder than ever before.

How does one avoid the demons for whom… 44 more words


Cemetery: White Oak Cemetery

Location: Ethel, Missouri, USA
Built: Unknown
Status: Still standing


White Oak Cemetery is said to have an odd white mist that hovers above the graves all day. 24 more words


Waverly Hills Sanatorium Book Coming Soon!

Ghostly World will be publishing its first book – The Story of Waverly Hills Sanatorium - within the next few months. Focusing on the history of the hospital, you can go in-depth with amazing detail and little-known facts on the origins of the “world’s most haunted location”. 19 more words


Sleep Is Coming

Sleep is coming

Nightmares loom

Shadows circle

Mattress’ tomb

Cold sweat rising

Gasping breath

Bile rising

Wake from death

Panic stricken

Eyes are blind

The past is haunting

Current time.


"I Can't Breathe"

I hope his words will forever echo
in the minds of the people
whose hands gripped him tight.
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe… 58 more words