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This Is It...

…the awesome adventures of Captain Amazing continue…

Captain Amazing is a lot like Bruce Wayne – He handles millions of dollars every day; he has a collection of toys and gadgets; and he has a hot rod – although personality-wise he’s definitely Tony Stark. 530 more words



Todd drove through the quiet town. No lights shone through any windows; even the street lights were off. Not a very good setting for tonight’s activities. 354 more words

This is me. This is him.

I had pictures.  Had.  They’re gone now.  I just wish I could accurately describe what the ghost looks like.  It’s scarier then this.  Maybe I should have just described him and let you form the image in your head.   200 more words

Another's Ghost


The basement of End House

holds many horrors.

Can you dodge the circular saws

descending from above?

What about the cages with their

pointy edges, ready to ensnare its… 38 more words

The House on Elm Street

the withering man, part 15

The unhallowed dead are like wine grapes. They have to be allowed to rot, if their juices are to run sweet. 4,727 more words


Troubles at Home

A man walked into a haunted house. Fortunately, he was a therapist, because the house had a lot of @#$% to work through. “I haven’t slept in years,” the house blubbered, weeping through its shutters. 21 more words