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Haunted By Interior Ghosts

Here, Emily Dickinson perfectly captures what it is to be trapped inside the screaming vortex one’s own depression. In the dark chamber of our mind, at once desolate yet teeming with ghouls, all manner of horrors rush back and forth, dragging their chains of bondage across the moonless corridors with such veracity that they’ve been whittled down to the point of breaking. 82 more words


Into the Sticks

Rural Spook House
Props to Gerald for tagging this spot 100 years before my arrival.

His ghost now haunts the attic, and this was the only graffiti on the entire property.


So tired, so sleepy

I’m currently working full time hours at one of my jobs, even though I’m still part time. Just until someone comes back from their vacation. It sure would be swell if it was permanent so I could quit working two jobs and just do one. 111 more words

End Of The World As We Know It


I’ve found comfort in being alone, but as I sat on my bed on this night, January 30, 2015 at 9:56 pm, I started to feel another entity creep into my presence. 407 more words


12 Places You Never Want To Visit After Dark

These places are so spooky that the only visitors they get are paranormal investigators! Check out these 12 places to avoid at all costs after nightfall: 779 more words