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The Peculiar + Haunted Houses + Unexpected Beauty

The Peculiar + Haunted Houses + Unexpected Beauty

Dear World,

I am a booktube fan. Ever since I learned that there’s a Youtube community of book fanatics who upload videos about their reading lives, I came to love Youtube even more. 271 more words

❃ Dear World

Stop 666

By Daniel Foytik @dfoytik

It’s the wanting that does you in.

Some might say it’s the desire to get what you have trapped inside – out, but they’d be wrong. 1,396 more words


In This Room

Photo by: “H-stock” Leonie

Who could dare describe the white noise, inside of a room so full of miscellaneous things?

To clean it, and erase all matter of horror and the fear it conceives? 114 more words

Adventure Time- Abandoned Baytown Hospital

I’ve been wanting to share some thoughts and photos in regards to my occasional adventures on this blog since I started it.  One thing that a friend and I like doing on our free time is exploring abandoned buildings.   690 more words

Frostbitten [Chapter : 9]

Chapter 3: Light from Heaven
Brig: Well did she ever came to know about Rudr.
Rushali: She kept on waiting for him but that day never came. 1,255 more words

Horror Story

Frostbitten [Chapter : 8]

Rushali stood near the window looking down at the clouds collected in the valley after rain. She saw towards valley, downpour had given way to a mild drizzle numbness, its wetness seemed more alluring then ever.Rushali and Brig Yashvardhan was in the main hall. 1,019 more words

Horror Story

Frostbitten [Chapter -7]

Scarlet Feather

Archit body was lying there. Without any motion. His senseless body was lying in front of them. Veil of snow covering valley turned red. 664 more words

Horror Story