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Missing Light

I got fear in the absence
In a shadow I didn’t know I stepped in
from the sliver cast
by a light post’s ghost
I forgot to jump over. 11 more words


The Haunting (1999) Review

The 1999 horror film, “The Haunting”, may not leave you shaking in your boots, but if your like me, you’ll find it quite captivating.

Eleanor Vance (Lili Taylor) has lived a quiet life caring for her mother in a small apartment. 525 more words


Look for the video from the House on the Hill soon.

Finally I have had some time to start working on the video evidence from our House on the Hill investigation. It will be just the highlights, nicely put together of course. 84 more words


Haunting the Dock

Your grand finale
Replays for the world to see
You sleep in silence
The water lapping
Reconnecting memories
When bone washed ashore

“Haunting the Dock” by Dawn Serene | ©

Vampire poem

Vampires are creeping,

taking over the way.

Only the find,

the end of the day.

Quickly the haunt,

meals only of blood,

to rest from the sun,

in coffins so good.


As Night Falls

It approaches
Lingering shadows
Filling the blackness
Haunting illusions
Filling empty spaces
Surrounding the innermost
Profound secrets
Hiding in the night

2014 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved