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Our Daily Bread 053: Hauschka

Sean BW Parker waxes eloquently about the avant-garde classicism of Hauschka’s latest experimental suite, Abandoned City.

Hauschka  ‘Abandoned City’  (City Slang Records) Available Now

It’s very hard to go about discussing a deeply thought about, worked on instrumental concept album. 220 more words


15 Top Foods for Healthy Skin

Choose natural nutritious quality foods, preferably organic and as little as possible processing for a healthy skin.

1) Salmon, wild salmon and cold smoked preferably, or other oily fish. 516 more words


Hauschka at NPR: Improvisation

npr.org | hauschka-net.de

Listening to a piece by Hauschka can be deceiving: What sounds like an ensemble of musicians and instruments is just one man, performing at one piano.

62 more words
In Art We Trust

This album is a haunting mess of sound that is much easier to appreciate if you know the story of how it’s made see here… 97 more words

Review: Hauschka in Paradiso (27 maart 2014)

Toeval speelt bij de Duitse pianist Volker Bertelmann, beter bekent als Hauschka, een grote rol. Hij lijkt hierbij geïnspireerd te zijn door John Cage, de avangarde muzikant die de geprepareerde piano heeft uitgevonden. 312 more words


Your 5 Healthy Lifestyle Choices

1) Upon waking drink a glass of lemon juice, organic apple cider vinegar and a little honey in warm water.

Benefits of Lemon:
✓ Boosts your immune system ✓ Flushes out unwanted toxins ✓ Helps aid in weight loss ✓ Is a natural blood purifier ✓ Balances your pH level ✓ Helps relieve respiratory issues ✓ Helps aid in throat infections ✓ Decreases blemishes ✓ Decreases wrinkles ✓ Energises ✓ Hydrating ✓Alkalinising to the body ✓ Aids digestion… 421 more words

Organic Skin Care

Day 5: Titles Are Hard

Starting off today’s playlist are a couple of songs from Vertical Scratchers freshman album Daughter of Everything. Within the album there are two types of songs which Vertical Scratchers go for: some being faster and more upbeat, trying to be punkish and the others being much softer and more mellow. 598 more words