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You ever just meet someone and you just know that’s where you’re supposed to be? You’re not exactly sure what you’re supposed to be to them, for them but you can physically feel that you are what they’re lacking? 153 more words

Goanna up a gum tree!

When one thinks of Australian fauna, the animals that come immediately to mind are Koalas, Kangaroos and Wallabies. For those who prefer critters with feathers, there are also many beautiful birds to enjoy.  186 more words


Heart Delay

Have you ever just lay on the bed in your crumpled clothes and listened to music playing on the speakers?

Have you ever turned up the music to full volume so you could drown out your parents fighting over dumb stuff? 175 more words

Short Stories

Have you ever... seen a Xanthorrhoea flower?

There is no doubt. There are some pretty amazing plants in this world of ours. Two in particular stand out for me amongst the Australian flora – the Gymea Lily and the Xanthorrhoea or Grass Tree. 470 more words

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Have you ever???

Have you ever screamed into a pillow so no one would hear you?


The Forest on a Rainy Day

Everyone goes outside on a sunny day, takes walks along the river or through the forest. But have you ever taken the time to go sit in the forest by yourself on a rainy day? 195 more words

Short Texts

the longest run-on sentence ever

Have you ever…

been sitting on the sofa in your pajamas at 10:29 a.m. getting ready to work with your child on her spelling lesson when the doorbell rings and the partially covered window on the door gives you a peek at the older members from your first congregation that e-mailed you several weeks ago about coming on this day to enjoy lunch with you, but that you TOTALLY FORGOT were coming, causing you to shout for your child to answer the door while you run into your bedroom and throw on something that doesn’t necessarily say, welcome to my put together home, but also doesn’t say, I just crawled out of bed, only to greet them in the living room with a smile and a hug because you really are thrilled to see them and talk with them, all the while mentally scrambling through any and every possibility of what you are going to serve them for lunch, which you must do, because that is of course the reason they came, and remembering with utmost thanksgiving the delicious hamburgers that your members from your current congregation sent home with you after last night’s potluck, and the salad that you can supplement with the extra vegetables that were gifts from the neighbors across the street, as your children give your visitors a tour of the home with a clean kitchen which is only clean, because you spent the morning making it so, but with piles of laundry everywhere and underwear in some form or another, on the floor of nearly every room in the house, ending back in the kitchen where lunch is now enjoyed, complete with a delicious dessert of ice cream, and of cookies made and delivered last week by your father-in-law, while lovely conversations of friends and family take place, where questions of concern and discussions of joys culminate with more hugs and the taking of pictures with which you will remember not just the craziness of this day, but also of these people who cared for you well and continue to love you in spite of your many, many, MANY imperfections?

Yeah, me neither.

Kitchen Blunders