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Have you ever.. #4

Felt so awkward that all you could do was laugh?

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.. #3

Mentally joined into a strangers conversation because you agree with pretty much everything they’re saying?


Have you ever.. #2

Wondered why you have so many followers on Instagram when only about 20 of them ever like your pictures?

(I think I might make this a regular thing)

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Have you ever..

Had one of those moments where someone you know says something extremely stupid but you were thinking the exact same thing

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forgot key Breaking and Entering YOUR house- have you ever


Have you ever had to break into your house after locking yourself out and promise yourself you won’t do it again? You keep saying over and over while you fix the dent in the door or window frame you damaged to get in. 56 more words

Have You Ever?

Parking lot Phenomena - Have you ever

Have you ever?

-Have you ever been walking through a parking lot and stopped to use someones tinted windows as a mirror only to find out someone is sitting in there? 52 more words

Have You Ever?

Wake up get ready - Than get up and get ready for real - Have you ever


Have you ever got up after hitting the snooze button a few times and went through your regular routine, shower, get dressed, eat, get into your car, just wishing you were able to stay in bed? 66 more words

Have You Ever?