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Just wanted to lie around and be emotional

That seems to be all i really want to do these days. Be by myself and just think.. 122 more words


Talented teen singer Nyasia performed 'Have You Ever' from her latest album, "Shooting Star"

RICHMOND, Va – Talented teen singer Nyasia returned to the studio to perform the song ‘Have You Ever’ from her latest album, “Shooting Star.” Nyasia is in the process of securing her 3rd nomination for the Christian Music Awards for the 3rd year with the Stellar Awards. 36 more words

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Punched yourself in the face whilst getting dressed?

I do it all the time! I did it just now; punched myself in the face taking off this Christmas Jumper!

Have You Ever?

Nature's knots!

While gazing upward at the most incredible mountains I have ever seen, I nearly missed something else, which was just as amazing.

The mountains were the mighty Drakensberge in South Africa. 74 more words


Track : AEli - Have You Ever

An alt-pop buzzmaker hailing from Altadena, California, singer-songwriter and producer AEli makes his grand entrance on Moody Without Music with a freshly-selected single off his latest free album. 97 more words


Have You Ever?

So I was browsing through my favourite blogs, and I stumbled across this post on Deadly Darlings

Pretend I have infinite amounts of money. For each one of these things you’ve done, I pay you the amount next to them. 162 more words


Have you ever.. #22

Been in a situation when someone thinks you’re mad -even though you’re not- and ends up making you mad trying to convince them that you’re perfectly fine?