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Have you ever.. #19

Received a message and been disappointed, not because you don’t like the person, but because you expected it to be from someone else?

I can’t say that it’s something that happens to me often but it definitely happens

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Have you ever.. #18

Looked at your stats and just felt really happy? Even though you know it’s sort of a minor achievement but you can’t help but feel kind of.. 10 more words

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.. #17

Been walking around a shop alone when you bump into someone you really don’t want to see and wonder where on earth everyone else has disappeared to?

(Yaaay, this is post number 200!)

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.. #16

Tried to look for a song when you only know about 2 words of it.

The fact that I’ve posted twice already and both are “have you ever” posts just shows you how many First World Problems I encounter on a daily basis. 166 more words


Have you ever.. #15

Spent ages mispronouncing a word just to realise that you knew the word all along?

I’ve spent the longest while wondering what in the world a “Soy-ree” was, only to realise that the word was actually “Swa-rey” which, to be honest, does make a lot more sense..

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.. #14

Looked both ways on a one way street because you clearly have trust issues?

Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

Have you ever thought

Just maybe

There’s a life for you


Have you ever wondered

Why we feel

When it could be

So much easier? 112 more words