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Have you ever.... seen a Social Weaver nest?

Travelling in the north west of South Africa, in the beautiful Kalahari desert, you may be surprised to come across what looks like a bale of hay suspended on a power pole! 144 more words


Have you ever.. #7

Been ridiculously excited because you just bought the most amazing onesie in existence?


Have you ever.. #6

Wondered how somebody could have possibly started a trend and tried to make up your own ridiculous trend just to see if it would catch on? 11 more words


Have you ever.. #5

Wondered what it would be like if chipmunks could actually sing and dance..

(Like.. In all seriousness, would there be a Kanye West alter ego? Would Queen B become Queen C?)



If you had to sell a product on the Home Shopping Network, what would it be?

All About You

Have you ever.. #4

Felt so awkward that all you could do was laugh?

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.. #3

Mentally joined into a strangers conversation because you agree with pretty much everything they’re saying?

Have You Ever?